3 Shaving Tips For Your Brazilian

3 Shaving Tips For Your Brazilian

Hello, my name is Jasmine. Today, I’m one of the laser specialists in Dundrum. We’re going to talk about how to shave your Brazilian for laser hair removal, and I’ll give you some pointers.

The first suggestion we have for shaving your Brazilian is to stand in front of a mirror before getting into the bath or shower. The reason we advise you to do so is that Brazilian is any form you want to keep.

Tip Number 1: Mark With a White Pencil 

So I recommend that you stand in front of the mirror, obtain an eye pencil (preferably a white one), and draw the form you desire on the exterior of the pencil. If you shave and then depart, the shape will eventually return.

We’ll know exactly where we’re working around the next day when you come in. Just to make sure we’re not removing any hair that you want to keep.

Tip Number 2: Moisturize With Aloe Vera

Tip number two: if you dampen the area with water and then apply your goods, such as aloe vera, it will help. If you apply the aloe vera first, then get the razor and work from the outside toward the line, make sure the hair from the razor is entirely eliminated before you begin the new line, merely to avoid overshading the area.

Take your time with this so that you’re satisfied with the distinct line you’ve left following your treatment.

Tip Number 3: Take Your Time When Shaving Around the Thighs

Tip number three: if you apply the product to the thigh area, then get your razor and shave straight up towards the labia.

Do one side at a time and, most importantly, take your time. When you’re doing it, take your time. Remove the substances with warm water once you’ve done one side and begin on the other.

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