Here is a list of some of the most common questions we are asked about laser treatment.

  • Can I wax in-between Treatments?
  • From what age can I have laser hair removal?
  • Is laser hair removal permanent?
  • Face
  • body

The answer to this is No!! Waxing in between treatments is a massive NoNo! Does it do any damage? No, it can’t hurt you but it can hurt your wallet! When you’re waxing, you’re pulling the hair out of the hair shaft meaning that on your next treatment, the laser won’t successfully reach the base of your hair shaft and won’t be able to destroy it.

You can have laser hair removal from age 18 without parent consent. If you are under 18 and have a hormonal in balance which is causing a problem with hair growth, you can of course have it done with the consent of a parent.

We have thousands of dormant hairs in our body which can be stimulated at any given time! You be shocked to know that we have the same amount of hairs on our body as a chimpanzee. Our hairs just don’t grow at the same time as. A number of factors can cause dormant hairs to be stimulated and start growing again including:

Laser hair removal is the safest and most efficient way to eliminate unwanted hair on the lip, chin and arms. Unlike shaving or waxing, this method can provide permanent results, and won’t harm the skin. Hair on the chin may grow in patches, or sporadically, which may appear unsightly. When using laser to remove hair in the areas, a lower amount of energy is needed because of the thickness of the hair.

Laser hair removal uses a particular wavelength of light to create heat, which destroys the stem cells of an active hair follicle. Meaning, the heat can be easily absorbed by the hair on the areas, eventually killing the hair. The number of sessions of laser hair depends on every patient because the hair grows differently for each individual. Thus, consultation is necessary prior to the treatment. The Havana Skin Clinic offers free consultation for people who are interested in laser hair removal.

The lip can be a sensitive area to treat when getting laser.
Discomfort may be felt when treating this part of the face. The pain level is bearable, though, depending on the amount of hair, type of hair and pain tolerance of the client. On the other hand, the chin and forearms caused minimal to zero discomfort.

Shaving and waxing does not work for every part of the body – in fact, performing the wrong hair removal procedure on the wrong body part can lead to irritation and pain. With laser hair removal, you can receive the treatment on any part of the body. You can remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas such as your face, underarms, or bikini line, or from larger areas such as your legs, arms, or back.

When you want to get rid of extra hair on your legs, underarms, face, arms, or bikini line, you have several options. While waxing and shaving are some of the most common treatments, they’re not without problems.

Waxing requires you to grow your hair long enough to make the procedure effective, which can mean you have to put up with several days of fuzz and hair. Shaving requires more frequent timing to prevent visible hair. Both solutions require regular upkeep to remain effective and the recurring costs can add up over time.

Choosing laser hair removal over other techniques has many benefits. In this article, we will discuss the common reasons why you may want to consider laser hair removal and why is it a great option for you.


  • Basic bikini
  • Extended Bikini
  • Brazilian Bikini
  • Hollywood Bikini

In basic bikini, the laser is applied in the area that is one inch outside of the bikini line. The bikini line is the natural crease between the legs and the torso. Visible fuzz in front of the bikini and on the inner leg line is targeted by the laser for this treatment. Basic bikini isn’t a popular treatment for laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cover a large area.

Laser hair removal for the extended bikini covers all types of swimsuit. The treatment extends 2 inches on the side and the top part of the bikini line. For the treatment, the laser hair specialist often leaves a small part of hair, also known as the landing strip. The labia and the thong area are included in this treatment.

The Brazilian bikini is the most popular area for hair removal. For this type, patients can customize their treatment, and can tailor the style, whether they want to leave a small strip of hair on the front, or not. Because the Brazilian bikini can be tailored based on the patient’s aesthetic desires, styles vary greatly for this treatment. Thus, it’s advised that women must first shave the hair that they want to be removed, so the treatment will be done exactly how they expect it to turn out.

In the Hollywood laser hair removal, the entire area will be treated, removing all visible hairs. Any fuzz on the front, and back will be treated except on the shiny part of the skin near the labia. In Havana Skin Clinic, hairs that grow on the shiny skin are not treated because it can lead to burns, blisters or skin infection. The skin within this part of the bikini is extremely sensitive, which may be harmed when treated with a laser.

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