Laser Hair Removal Dublin – Embarrassed To Get Lasered?


Advice from Yasmin, Laser Specialist Manager in Dundrum, Dublin.

Today we’re going to be talking about the issue of embarrassment when coming in for a bikini laser hair removal. 

So we have clients every day that come into the clinic and they do really want to get their bikini done but are just embarrassed to get it treated. To the point that it may stop some of our clients from from getting the area treated. 

The following are some points that will help you overcome the embarrassment to make yourself feel a little bit more comfortable while here in Havana 

  1. So make you a little bit more comfortable, you could ask your specialist for an extra towel and we can cover the sections we move along.
  2. We are all girls here that work in the clinic, so don’t feel embarrassed coming in we do this job every minute of the day, so do you feel comfortable as we see it all the time.
  3. Distractions is always a good way to overcome embarrassment so if we do feel uncomfortable keep the conversation going, we will be done in no time.
  4. if you’re new to laser it’s normal to feel embarrassed we all feel the exact same and when we’re starting off but it does get easier over time. If you found these tips useful do like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and also check our new video tomorrow at 6 p.m.
  5. Laser hair removal on bikini and bikini wax are common procedures today.

Feel beautiful, be happy and confidence is key

Laser Hair Removal Dublin, Solving The Ingrown Hair Problem


The three main causes for ingrown hairs 

  1. Shaving
  2. Waxing 
  3. and plucking hairs 

My name is Caroline Hooper, Certified Laser Specialist with 3 clinics in Dublin, and I would like to help you as a customer to become a fully informed consumer about the aesthetic industry, and to tell you the truth about the aesthetic industry, before you spend any of your time and money. 

So when you pluck or waxing, you’re pulling the hair out the root, that does make the hair grow slower but it can cause the hair to grow back much thicker and in some cases it can curl. What that means is that it’s going to grow under the skin as opposed to out of the skin. 

When you shave your hair, you’re continuously irritating the skin, so you’re causing damage to the skin, the skin will try to repair itself and that can cause a blockage on the surface of the skin not allowing the hair to grow up and out of the surface when it’s growing the next time after you have damaged the hair. 

Ingrown hair (also known as folliculitis) is very common in men especially for the beard area. A lot of times folliculitis is caused by jacuzzis and saunas and the continuous shaving of the area and sweating can cause the damage to the hair follicle. Having a course of laser hair removal, in a lot of cases, can solve this problem.  Even after just one treatment, there’s an exceptional reduction in ingrown hair, once those ingrown hair have been caught in an active stage of growth. It really is reliant on your hair cycles, to deal with the ingrown hair, but some people who suffer excessively with ingrown hairs can see a big change, even from the first treatment. In some cases it can not take effect until the end of the course.

It really depends on where and when the ingrown hairs are in an active stage of growth, but  after a course of six hair removal treatments have been performed, it is going to be effective in removing the ingrown hairs permanently.

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Feel beautiful, be happy and confidence is key

Laser Hair Removal Story by Mei Ling Tong | Fast Hair Growth

Laser hair removal is for anyone who is bothered about the hair on different parts of their body. It suits any type of skin and ethnicity. Here, we will share the story of Mei Ling Tong, a beauty and fashion blogger based in Ireland, but grew up in Hong Kong. She had laser hair treatments for her lower legs, upper legs and underarms. Know how the treatment responded to her by reading below.

About Mei Ling Tong

Mei Ling Tong, a fashion and beauty blogger, she grew up in Hong Kong, where spent her childhood, and then moved to Ireland. It was a huge shift for her when she moved to Ireland because according to her, back in her hometown, children had no “pressure” about their bodies. Mei, being the only kid in her classroom who’s half Chinese, experienced a major culture shock growing up. Over the years, she was able to adapt the awareness about her body, including her body hairs.

Why Did She Consider Laser Hair Removal?

According to Mei, shaving was always a pain for her. Due to her genes, her hair grows faster than a normal person. It also means she does shaving much more often than girls in her age. For Mei, shaving takes too much time, and it’s super uncomfortable. She started shaving her legs when she was a young teen with all the social pressure surrounding her, and ended up regretting what she did. Her initial baby hair on the legs grew darker, and courser, which caused her to constantly shave from that point. Because Mei has hair that grows faster than others, she usually suffers from extreme itchiness when the hair starts growing back after shaving. All these factors, and because she heard about the effectiveness of laser hair removal led her to consider the treatment.

Mei’s Laser Hair Removal Review

Mei Ling Tong had her underarms and legs treated with laser hair removal. Because her legs have hair that grows fast after shaving, she wanted to treat this area first. According to Mei, the treatment for her legs didn’t feel painful at all. The sensation of the laser was like a warm pinch with a pain level of 2 out 5, where 5 is the most painful. For her underarm, Mei said the treatment didn’t hurt as well. She rated the pain 3 out of 5, 5 being the most painful. The treatment was like a bit of discomfort, and after that it’s done, she said. Mei was amazed with how fast the treatment can be done both for legs and underarm. She said, she was really happy with her laser hair removal, and she’s looking forward to her treatments for her legs and underarms in the future

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