Basic Bikini

For laser hair removal, there are different treatment types for the bikini area. For people who feel bothered about the fuzz growing on the bikini area, this treatment is such a great help that would allow them to avoid frequent shaving or waxing. One of the treatment types of the bikini is the basic bikini. It’s the simplest type of laser hair removal for the bikini area. Here you will know more about this procedure.

What is a Basic Bikini?


Basic Bikini


Laser hair removal for the basic bikini involves removing of hair outside the average bikini. Hairs located 2 fingers-below the bikini will be removed in this procedure. Typically, the laser will be applied to the areas that is one inch below the bikini line. The bikini line is the natural crease between the legs and the torso.


The visible fuzz on the inner leg line is targeted by the laser for this treatment. Basic bikini isn’t a popular treatment for laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cover a large area. Only a few patients consider this treatment. However, if you want to have a clean, hair-free bikini line at all times, this method is for you.

Procedure for Basic Bikini


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The procedure for the basic bikini starts with the patient lying comfortably. When the patient is ready, the laser hair specialist will draw markings on the treatment area, that is usually one inch below the bikini line, located on crease between the legs and the torso.


Then, the laser device, which is the LightSheer Duet with the largest spot size will be used for the treatment. Patients typically feels a tickling sensation every time the laser is released on the skin. The level of pain is extremely low that is generally 1 out of 5, where 5 is the highest level of pain. After the entire area has been treated, aloe Vera will be applied to soothe the skin.


Post-Treatment Care


The patient needs to perform post treatment care in the area to keep the skin in good condition. After the treatment, redness normally occurs in the area, as the skin’s natural reaction from the laser. Post-treatment care involves the application of aloe Vera at least 3 days after the procedure.


Aloe Vera reduces redness, swelling, and it is the only suggested product to soothe the skin. Patients can stock aloe Vera in the fridge, which she/he can apply to the area daily. Friction should also be avoided in the area on the day of the treatment.



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