Beauty courses

Beauty courses

If you’re looking into starting a new career in the beauty and aesthetic field, studying beauty courses will be the key to your goal. There are different beauty courses offered in cosmetology schools around the globe. Topics range from hair care, hair styling, nail care, skin care, and so forth. If you want to know more about beauty courses, you came at the right place.

Beauty courses

Facial course

Beauty coursesIn this course, the anatomy and physiology of the face and skin are covered. It also tackles different facials and its effect on the skin. Levels of facials and techniques used in facials such as cleansing, steaming, extractions and moisturizing of the skin are included in the course. Students under this course are also trained to perform proper skin typing and skin analysis in clients that enables them to provide the right advice regarding the treatments that benefit the client's concerns.

Relaxation / Massage course

Beauticians are also educated about wellness, where relaxation and massages are included. In this course, students are trained about different types of massage applied in different parts of the face and body. The course also covers the benefits of massage and different styles of massage.

Nail course

Nail courses cover professional manicure and pedicure, including massage, removal of cuticle and dead or dry skin on the nails. The scope of this course also involves sanitation of tools, products, and equipment. Students will also be taught about skin care treatments such as paraffin waxes for the hand and foot. Maintaining, application and removing of artificial nails are also covered in this course.

Lash and brow course

This course involves training and teaching the students about the proper way to dye lashes and brows. It may also cover techniques for perming of eyelashes, and the safe way to remove dye on the areas.

Cosmetology courses

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A cosmetology course generally aims to train and hone skills about hair, nails and makeup and laser hair removal training. If you want to be a hair stylist, a manicurist, or a makeup artist, signing up for a cosmetology course can be your best pick. Below are the skills you can get when you choose to study a cosmetology course:

  •             Expert hair styling
  •             Hair color specialist
  •             Expert in hair extensions and permanent waves
  •             Expert on theater hair styling
  •             Hair styling assistant
  •             Manicurist
  •             Nail technician
  •             Makeup artist
  •             Aesthetician
  •             Consultant for beauty and personal appearance

Manicuring courses

As the word implies, manicuring courses focus on everything about the nails, from its physical appearance to nail health. There are various technicalities that a person can learn about nails, and it’s more than just coloring the nails of the hands and feet. There are different kinds of nail products that should be handled differently, as well as art approaches that one can do with the nails. Here are what you can become when you pursue manicuring courses:

  •             Expert manicurist
  •             Expert pedicurist
  •             Technician for nail products (acrylic and gel)
  •             Demonstrator of nail products
  •             Owner/manager of nail salons
  •             Instructor of nail technicalities

Aesthetic courses

Aesthetic courses will help you learn more about what you apply on your face; it will also teach you about beauty that’s skin deep. If you’re an aesthetician, you will learn how to take care of the skin to keep it healthy and vibrant. Below are what's being taught in aesthetic courses:

  •             Right skin care
  •             Different facials
  •             Brow waxing and shaping
  •             Expert makeup artist
  •             Beauty consultation

Cosmetology instructor training

If you’re passionate about cosmetology, manicuring or anything beauty-related and you want to share your knowledge to others, signing up for an instructor training course might fit you. Here are what you can learn when you pursue this course:

  •             Become an instructor about cosmetology
  •             Owning cosmetology school
  •             Cosmetology school director or manager
  •             Expert in beauty products and supply
  •             Representative and demonstrator for cosmetic manufacturers
  •             Hair and beauty style director
  •             Platform artist
  •             Aesthetic teacher
  •             Teaching in manicure and pedicure technician
  •             Board member and inspector of the state

Job opportunities

After completing a beauty course, a wide list of opportunities become available for the trained beauty specialist. Because there are different specializations in this field, such as facials, body therapy, and cosmetology, the options for people who pursue this career are almost endless. The first thing an aspiring beauty specialist must do is to know which path to go, and then become an expert in the chosen field. Below are only a few opportunities a person can have after completing a beauty course:

Nail technician

As a nail technician, you can learn the technicalities about manicuring and pedicuring. The different products that can be used for the nails, different nail art styles, as well as keeping the nails healthy. There are different theories and techniques about this topic, and a certain type of certification in beauty therapy must be achieved before you can be called an expert nail technician.

Waxing technician

Waxing must be done right to assure a safe and satisfying outcome. As a wax technician, you must be able to perform waxing in the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, the upper line, and so forth, with reduced pain but with efficient technique that produces highly satisfying results. The most important role of a wax technician is to comfort the clients and ease their pain and fears about the procedure, as well as to deliver a worthy outcome.


As a specialist in makeup and makeup treatment, a beauty therapist must know all the toss and turns, especially the ongoing trend in the makeup industry. There are different takes of makeup as well, depending on the event. A bridal makeup is not the same with theatrical makeup, thus the difference in these makeup approaches must be learned by a certified makeup artist.


Beauty consultants are the people to approach when a person needs to know about the right product or treatment for her beauty concern. Beauty consultants must be knowledgeable in everything beauty-related, from makeup to skin care, as well as wellness and feeling good about one’s appearance. In depth laser hair removal training is required to become a beauty consultant, which can be tackled in beauty therapy courses.

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