Beauty Therapy Courses

There are many opportunities that you can tap when you become a beauty therapist. This occupation has a growing demand due to the increasing number of people who care about beauty and health. Beauty therapy is more than skin deep, it’s also about holistic wellness and how to maintain feeling good about one’s self. If beauty and wellness is your passion, pursuing a beauty therapy course might be the right step for you. Here, we’ll discuss more about beauty therapy courses.

What is a beauty therapist?

A beauty therapist is an expert in therapeutic facial and body care. This individual is skilled and educated about key body systems, skin biology, anatomy and cosmetic chemistry. Beauty therapists are adept in providing, suggesting fitting non-medical approaches for the concerns about the face, body and skin. They also know relaxation treatments for the client’s needs, as well as products for therapy and right aftercare. Beauty therapists can address conditions like eczema or acne, however, they can’t diagnose such conditions.

Beauty therapists are also trained in handling devices and products for the skin and body such as Microdermabrasion or waxing. Some beauty therapists focus on a specific specialty, and have honed their expertise in a particular beauty aspect like permanent hair removal.

How to become a beauty therapist?

To become a beauty therapist, one must undergo training in this field, and pass a licensure examination. Others may only be required to fulfill a certification as a beauty therapist.   There are various beauty therapy courses that a person can choose from to become a certified specialist in this niche or there is also the option of laser hair removal training. Below are some of the certifications a beauty therapist can pursue:

  •             Retail cosmetics
  •             Beauty services
  •             Makeup
  •             Nail technician
  •             Beauty therapist
  •             Beauty therapy specializing in reflexology
  •             Beauty therapy specializing in spa treatments
  •             Lash lift
  •             Lash perming
  •             Threading
  •             Henna brows

Job opportunities

There’s a wide list of opportunities for a beauty therapist. Because there are different specializations in this field, such as, facial therapy, body therapy, and Electrology, the options and career path for beauty therapists are almost endless. The first thing an aspiring beauty therapist must do is to know which path to go, and then become an expert in her chosen path. Below are only a few opportunities a beauty therapist can take when pursuing this career:

Nail technician

As a nail technician, you can learn the technicalities about manicuring and pedicuring. The different products that can be used for the nails, different nail art styles, as well as keeping the nails healthy. There are different theories and techniques about this topic, and a certain type of certification in beauty therapy must be achieved before you can be called an expert nail technician.



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Waxing technician

Waxing must be done right to assure a safe and satisfying outcome. As a wax technician, you must be able to perform waxing in the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, the upper line, and so forth, with reduced pain but with efficient technique that produces highly satisfying results. The most important role of a wax technician is to comfort the clients and ease their pain and fears about the procedure, as well as to deliver a worthy outcome.


As a specialist in makeup and makeup treatment, a beauty therapist must know all the toss and turns, especially the ongoing trend in the makeup industry. There are different takes of makeup as well, depending on the event. A bridal makeup is not the same with theatrical makeup, thus the difference in these makeup approaches must be learned by a certified makeup artist.


Beauty consultants are the people to approach when a person needs to know about the right product or treatment for her beauty concern. Beauty consultants must be knowledgeable in everything beauty-related, from makeup to skin care, as well as wellness and feeling good about one’s appearance. In depth training is required to become a beauty consultant, which can be tackled in beauty therapy courses.

Typical tasks of beauty therapists

  •             Performs skin analysis
  •             Advises clients about skin care and body care
  •             Performs body and facial massages such as aromatherapy, spa therapy, and reflexology.
  •             Removes facial and body hairs
  •             Treat brows and lash
  •             Applies makeup
  •             Advises clients on makeup application
  •             Expert in manicure
  •             Expert in pedicure
  •             Organizes client appointments
  •             Keeps client records
  •             Handles financial transactions
  •             Sells products
  •             Advises about beauty products

Perks of being a beauty therapist

Expands network

Being a beauty therapist will allow you to know and meet many people along your journey. Every day there’s an opportunity to meet many people in all walks of life. This occupation can be a very social job, as everyday you can meet a new client. The advantage of this aspect is you will get to meet many people and expand your network. If you’re good at handling people, you can gather many friends and acquaintances that give you more opportunities in life. You will get to encounter many great men and women who you can start connections with. It can give you an interesting life, and you will get to know different people, too. Everyday will be a learning experience at your end as a beauty therapist and a social person.

Can establish own business

A beauty therapist can work in a salon, a clinic, or at home. You can build your own business using the knowledge and expertise that you have learned in school. Beauty therapists are in demand in different fields related in beauty. While working at home, or while building your own beauty hub, you can also work as beauty consultant on the side. You can represent major cosmetic companies, where you can be a beauty consultant and provide tips and information regarding the best products for your clients, and the leading cosmetics available during that time.

Tailor and stretch skill set

Beauty therapy courses branches wide, where multiple courses, short trainings and diplomas can be achieved depending on a person’s interest. You can have multiple education in this field, and continue to improve your skills and knowledge about beauty. The options are almost endless in beauty therapy. You can always expand your skill set by acquiring one course at a time. Tailoring and stretching out your skill set means more opportunities for growth and learning as well.


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