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With so many not only dermarollers on the market but new beauty tools, it's no wonder we are all frazzled trying to figure out  which one is best for our skin health. Remember, treat your skin as you do your body at the gym and within your lifestyle. Make good choices, invest your time and energy and achieve consistency. Easy, right? Emm.. Not always. We understand, good intentions don't always translate into reality. Life can get in the way. Whether you're a mother, someone starting your career or someone thriving in your career or whatever you're doing, life is wonderful and it happens. This is what makes these at home beauty tools so relevant in today's society. Your beauty schedule might be slightly off at times but at least it's not detrimental to your skin health, you can simply rearrange and get back on track! 😉 In this blog, we are focusing on the dermaroller and how to ensure you are buying the best home dermaroller. 

Moving onto quality.


While at home options are a God's send for women and men in today's fast paced society, the last thing you want to invest money into is something that won't work. Worst again, imagine purchasing something that entailed further damage to your skin instead of making improvements, YIKES! The dermaroller is an example of this. There have been reports of people purchasing dermarollers but the price of loose change you would find in your pocket and expecting them to be of a acceptable quality to use on your skin. The phrase, you get what you pay for is most definitely suitable in this scenario.

Those same people who have proudly purchased dermarollers for next to nothing are the same people who later experienced the following:

  • The needles coming loose from the roller and being lodged in their skin. 
  • The rollers only lasting one use then having to be binned. 
  • The rollers being of very poor over all quality. 

Best Home Dermaroller  Dermaroller Online[/caption]

So what makes a good dermaroller, so good?

Now you know to be careful of dodgy cheap online dermarollers, let's look at what attributes constitutes a dermaroller of high quality. We are in the business of cosmeceutical skincare with a team of experts in results driven treatments and products, we know a thing or two about what is good for your skin and what's not. Our advice is invaluable when it comes to sourcing the best dermaroller as we shown in our tutorials regarding how to carry out at home micro needling featuring the one and only Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller.

Things to look out for when purchasing a dermaroller!

540 Needles. 

Titanium Needles. 

From a certified source to ensure it's been quality tested. 

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