So we recently sat down with the very bubbly and charismatic, Breda Murphy and we couldn’t have been happier!!

Breda’s story is both interesting and shocking meaning that of course we had loads of questions to ask!

So why was Breda in our Dundrum clinic in the first place? Nail fungus or as you may know it as onychomycosiinline_796_ She caught the infection while out gardening, she pricked her finger on a rose bush which led to the infection developing! Surprisingly enough, this not the most shocking part of her story, I mean who knew that you could get fungal nail off the prick of a rose bush???? 

Before coming to us to undergo laser fungal nail treatment for the infection, she had tried a couple of other different remedies. The first one was a lacquer that was prescribed by the doctor which involved Breda having to continually file down the top of her nail to apply the lacquer and after this proved to not work, she was advised to get an oral medication by a pharmacist which Breda had to then return to the doctor to get a new prescription for.


Now you would think that continually having to return to the doctor would be the worst part about Breda’s story but it’s not. Breda felt relieved after being prescribed the oral medication, this relief did not last long though. The oral medication resulted in Breda beginning to lose her taste buds and also resulted in mood changes and feelings of depression. Breda told us about how she just felt so low. Her son then researched the medication and found that people had been suicidal as a result of taking them and had completely lost their taste buds. After 2 months of taking the medication, Breda was both at her lowest and on her way to losing all of her taste buds.

Of course Breda made the decision to come off the medication as we all would and has now begun laser treatment for the infection. We’ll make sure to let you know hoe she gets on. J

It’s crazy to think that this all resulted from the prick of a rose bush.

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