So illustrator and graphic designer Conor Merriman has begun his laser hair removal journey with us and we COULD. NOT. BE. MORE. EXCITEDDDDDD!!!!!!…..

………….And it’s not just because we get to create amazing videos with this very talented young gentlemen but because he’s a “hair ball” and that’s his words, not ours. His results are going to be incredible.

Don’t worry we’ll keep you updated on his progress through the treatment. 😉

So let’s take a look at what the team asked him when he came in for his consultation.

That’s right, we couldn’t wait to hear all about him, from how he came to being the talented and successful artist he is now and all of his juicy tips for someone trying to go down the same route as him.



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Laser Hair Removal for Men


Link to Video

So here’s his top tips on becoming an illustrator. Plain and simple,

1) Know the client,

2) Know the audience

3) Know how he himself fits in with the brand.

To see Conor Speak about his tips in more detail, check out the full video here:



Link to Video

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