“If I can do it, you can do it! We’ll do it together”

……. Of course that came from non-other than the very charming and beautiful Danielle Olivierre

Danielle is undergoing laser hair removal with us and of course we couldn’t let this young vlogger leave without spilling the beans on how she came to being where she is today.

She went onto tell us that since the age of 15, she loved media and broadcasting and video editing which led her to pursue this in Ballyfermot College to study presentation and performance skills for the media which she enjoyed but knew it wasn’t enough to take her where she wanted to go. This was when she decided to apply to Sheridan college in Canada which she went onto earn a place in.


Laser Hair Removal for Women

Luckily for Danielle she is Canadian and could go straight over without a visa where she lived with her Dad and his side of the family. She went onto tell our team that this was the most amazing experience of her life and that she got to do documentaries and had a busy 2 years of hands on experience even managed to do an internship for the Marilyn Denis show which is a big day time and lifestyle show in Canada.

As you’ve probably already guessed, Danielle returned to Ireland after missing it in Canada and is now aspiring to be a YouTube and social media digital influencer which she will undoubtedly achieve. Like a lot of the influencers we’ve worked with, Danielle has unwavering confidence and determination to become and do whatever she wants to do.

She is definitely someone to keep an eye on 😉

You can catch her full story here:

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