Derma Roller on Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, we all have them. Or at least most of us do. Studies suggest that 90% of women suffer from stretch marks. Overall 80% of people world wide suffer from stretch marks. Stretch marks are simply, scarring in the skin from being stretched too quickly and too much. People suffering from stretch marks may have gotten them due to extreme weight gain and loss or perhaps a growth spurt in their teen years. We all have them but with progression in the beauty industry in regards products and treatments, we don’t have to put up with them. Did you know that you can use a derma roller on stretch marks to reduce their appearance? Throughout this blog, we are going to explore how to carry out treatment on stretch marks and how it works. 

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Derma Roller On Stretch Marks

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Let’s look at the science!

So how does it work? It works the same way as it does when reducing the appearance of acne scarring. The needles cause a controlled injury to the surface of the skin. This controlled injury triggers collagen and elastin production which works to smooth out the area you’re inflicting the controlled injury to. Stretch marks happen when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching and often occur during the time of puberty. 

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How to carry out at home micro needling on the body (stretch marks.)

First of all, you must ensure that the area is clean. We would advise carrying out treatment after a shower and with confidence that the area is thoroughly clean. 

Secondly, if you are using a product to use in conjunction with the dermaroller, ensure it’s nothing other than a non active serum containing no perfumes. You cannot use any active ingredients on an area you are performing at home micro needling for 3 days prior and 3 days post treatment. 

Thirdly, the different areas of the body can handle different levels of micro needling. Seek expert advice being going ahead with at home micro needling. For example, the chest area would be more fragile than the thigh area. 


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