Derma Rolling While Pregnant

We really don’t get asked the question, can you use the dermaroller while pregnant enough! The answer is no, you cannot. You might be wondering why it concerns us that we don’t get asked this enough. The reason being is that, it implies that people would never even consider it to be unsafe. It’s most certainly no common knowledge. It’s because of this reason that we decided to write the blog on derma rolling while pregnant. We hope you fin this blog useful and it answers all of the questions you have in relation to this area. 

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derma rolling while pregnant

Dermaroller do’s and don’ts

Now let’s get to the point? Can you use it or not?!

It’s safe to say that no one loves the dermaroller more than us, Havana Skin Clinic Team, but is it always safe?

The answer is no it’s not! And it is so unfortunate because while pregnant is one of the main times, a woman needs her skin revitalised.

You’re probably wondering why, GOD, WHY?! 

It’s similar to why you cannot use active skin products while pregnant. Although the dermaroller contains no acids and harsh chemicals, when applied to the skin, it’s using your lymphatic system and that could be dangerous for the baby. Why? It stimulates blood in the lymphatic system and this activity could harm the baby so we must avoid it all costs. 

But all is not lost ladies, although some of your favourite products might be put on hold while you’re pregnant. You can take this opportunity to discover new, natural products with no active ingredients. What we would advice is though to check in with a skin care specialist. Even if you think everything you’re using is okay, it might not be! You can never be too careful and clever marketing tactics might result in you using something that could potentially be careful. 

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