Dermapen Results

It’s no secret that we’ve been obsessing over the dermaroller but today, we’re going to look at the dermapen results. Micro needling in clinic and at home micro needling are effectively the same treatment only carried out in different ways. The dermapen contains a needle depth of 1.5mm (2.5mm on the body) and the dermaroller contains a needle depth of 0.5mm. In clinic micro needling goes a lot deeper and is not safe for people to do at home. You would also need numbing cream to carry out the treatment. This treatment also has a much longer down time. There are pros and cons involved in both treatments and it really depends on what you are looking to achieve and your needs. You might be thinking, well surely micro needling in clinic is always better. Not necessarily. If you’re someone who loves the effects of micro needling but live a very busy lifestyle, you’ll prefer a dermaroller. 

dermapen vs dermaroller

Dermaroller Procedure 

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We caught up with Yasmin, Expert in results driven treatments and products to chat about the dermapen results so that we could achieve an understanding of how it differed to the dermapen. 

Dermapen Results – Yasmin Holden’s Opinion 

Yasmin began by highlighting her LOVE for the dermapen going through it’s benefits which are similar the dermaroller kit. 

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves overall skin health.
  • Open Pores.
  • Blocked Pores.
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Scarring 
  • Overall Rejuvenation 

The post popular bundle that clients purchase is a bundle of 3 sessions that they will have every 4-6 weeks. The treatments work by stimulating your collagen and elastin naturally. No botox, no fillers! Stimulating what we already naturally have. It’s incredibly important that with every treatment, a fresh pack of needs is opened and used. Never be afraid to ask your skincare specialist to show you the fresh packet of needles full sealed before being open to be used. 

When will I see a result?

You will see a result up to one week after treatment. Following treatment you will be quite read and then the following day, you should expect to be patchy red. You also need to wear mineral make up for up to 5 days following treatment. Your skin may also be a little dry and flaky following treatment. This is nothing to be alarmed about! You can hydrate this skin with a moisturiser. You can also use an enzyme mask 5 days after the treatment. 

Watch Yasmin’s full video below:

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