Dermapen Results

Today we are looking at all things DermaPen! We’re going to take a look at how the Dermapen works, the benefits and the Dermapen results. 

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How does the Dermapen work 

The Dermapen stimulates collagen and elastin naturally by causing controlled injury to the epidermis of the skin. There is no filler or botox, its all completely naturally stimulated!!

The Dermapen consists of two parts which are the electronic handle and the needle. Each needle comes in a new pack so make sure that no matter where you go, you check that it is a new, clean needle being used. It is very important that you get your own, new needle and that it is not being shared with anyone else.

With the dermapen we would recommend going for either 1 or 3 treatments depending on the condition of your skin. Three treatments is most popular as it equates to 1 treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

You can find out all the details on the Dermapen Results in the video below.

Dermapen Benefits 

The Dermapen is one of our favourite treatments here at Havana Skin Clinic as it fixes everything from fine lines to wrinkles. It maintains youthful skin and helps minimise the look of open pores and blocked pores. It also works wonders with stretch marks and scarring.

Dermaroller Results

dermaroller online

Dermapen Results 

If you are getting this treatment, expect smoother and more refined skin. Post treatment there is also a visible reduction of fine lines and acne scars. This is due to the skin tightening and remodeling effects of the micro needling treatment.

If you get the treatment done you will be quite red afterwards. After 1 day you will be a little patchy-red. After 2- 3 days the skin will return to its natural state. During the first week post treatment we would recommend that you wear minimal make-up. We also advise clients to be prepared for some flaking and dryness in the face. This can be solved by using a moisturiser and an enzyme masque.

If you are considering going ahead with the treatment then we do advise that you consult a skin specialist to make sure that our suitable for the treatment. If you are looking to purchase you’re very own Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller, Click This Link

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