Dermaroller 0.5 How Often

2.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.0mm, 0.5mm and 0.25mm. – All of the depths micro needling can go to yet dermarollers can only be a max depth of 0.5mm. So why is this? There is a few reasons for this which I will be exploring in this blog. I will of course be looking at, “Dermaroller 0.5 how often” as this title suggests. How often you carry out at home micro needling plays a huge part is executing both safe and effective micro needling practise. 

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Things to consider before figuring out how often you can use your 0.5 dermaroller:

Like everything with skincare, there is a straight forward answer to this. There are recommendations going on an average but you must remember that no one else in this whole entire world has the exact same skin type as you. The amount of times you can use your roller per week may be hindered for a number of reasons. I’m going to explore them now so that they are highlighted for all readers consideration. Remember your skins health is our number one priority. 

  • If you experience break outs.
  • If you suffer with cold sores.
  • Rosacea that goes from mild non active to active. 
  • Overall sensitive skin. 
  • Combination skin. 

For instance, a skincare specialist might examine someone who suffers with some of the skin types above on a day that their skin is behaving. The specialist will see healthy skin and recommend that this person with healthy skin use the roller with the general guide lines I’ll be outlining in the next section. Now, I will just highlight that this is here say. In any professional skin clinic, they will cover all bounds and ask you how your skin is as a whole and not just on that day. This is just to explain the point. The following week, that person might for example break out with a cold sore. This changes the recommendation given for the dermaroller. Once you get a cold sore, you must wait until your skin is completely free of the cold sore and then wait 2 weeks to use the roller again. 

Cold sores are highly infectious and you need to be extra careful that you do not spread the infection. This principle would be the same or any form of micro needling, even a 0.25mm needle depth dermaroller. 

I will also note that you cannot use a dermaroller with any of the skin conditions listed above and a few more for that matter so do your research!

Dermaroller 0.5 How Often

Dermaroller Usage

Again, the above example is just to highlight that although we are giving average guidelines on how often you can use a 0.5mm dermaroller, you must educate yourself on what type of skin you have as a whole and what is and isn’t okay. You must also watch out for changes in your skin and change your pattern of at home micro needling accordingly. 

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How Often Can I Use My 0.5 Dermaroller? An Average. 

You can build the amount of sessions up to 2-3 sessions per week depending on sensitivity and healing time. 

Week 1: Use the roller once. 

Week 2: If your skin is okay to us the roller twice, do so. You’ll know by how it feels after treatment and the days following, If you are unsure, call us and seek advice. (01) 424 2010

Week 3: If you haven’t upped it to 2 sessions, you skin may be ready for it on week 3. Again, following instructions as above. If you have already increased to 2, don’t increase to 3 on this week. 

Week 4: This week, your skin may be ready to increase sessions to 3. Again, following advice as laid out in week 2 instructions. 

Week 5: You shouldn’t be going above 3 sessions on week 5. 

As you use the roller, generally people experience their tolerance will increase. 




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