Dermaroller Before and After

Director of Havana Skin Clinic and Expert in Results Driven Treatments and Products, Caroline Hooper sat down to give her 100k followers the low down on her skin skin routine before and after at home micro needling. We thought that this would be a great opportunity to steal some of her tips and tricks and share them with you all. The dermaroller before and after care is an integral part of the treatment. It also plays a massive role in determining the end results. 

Dermaroller Before and After

Caroline, Director of Havana Skin Clinic

How to Prep your Skin for Home Micro Needling:

You can catch the full video below, throughout the blog, we go back over and expand on all of Caroline’s key points:

Cleanse Caroline used the cleanser from the Iluma range in Image skincare for her first cleanse. You should note that she chose this cleanser for two reasons. 1 is important for everyone to note and the other is only important for people with pigmentation to note. 

Why did Caroline use the Iluma cleanser to cleanse her skin? 

Dermaroller Before and After

Iluma Brightening Cleanser

  1. This product is gentle on the skin and contains no active ingredients. You cannot use active ingredients 3 days prior and post micro needling. Products that contain active ingredients are generating a reaction in your skin and so is the micro needling. Both together are just too much for our skin all at once. You must be very careful when micro needling the skin. Even if you recently treated yourself to a facial or at home face mask, make sure there was nothing active present. 
  2. Caroline suffers with pigmentation and the Iluma range is mainly for people who suffer with pigmentation. It also brightens the surface of the skin making a good product for well, everyone. Pigmentation can be caused by an excess production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin it’s colour. Excessive sun exposure can also cause an increase in melanin. 

Deep Clean Caroline cleansed her skin a second time.She used the same cleanser along with Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant. She added it to a small amount of her cleanser on the second cleanse to ensure that she had achieved a deep clean. Following this, she highlighted that is so important to have your skin squeaky clean as when you apply to the roller to the surface of the skin, you’ll be rolling what ever is on the surface into your skin. If there is particles or debris, you’ll be rolling this into the skin which is not good for obvious reasons. 

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The Importance of the right product while Micro Needling

This product will be delivered beneath the epidermis of the skin and it’s benefits are going to be maximised! More importantly, it must be a product that is safe to use. Remember, products with active ingredients are a massive no go! As previously mentioned, absolutely no active ingredients allowed so no products containing active ingredients can be used.

Caroline uses hyaluronic filler during her dermaroller procedure and says in her opinion is the best product to use while carrying out the treatment. She explained that she applied the product section by section before and after rolling the areas of her face and then following treatment, applied another small layer. You might be wondering:

Why did Caroline apply a second final layer of hyaluronic filler to the face following micro needling? 

Your micro channels are now open and it’s important to take advantage of this. We’ve broken the greatest barrier for our expensive products to get through so you need to take advantage of this. 


Dermaroller Before and After

Dermaroller Usage

Caroline’s Tips Post Treatment.

Caroline also highlighted that it’s important not to tamper with the skin or products following application. Your skin will be inflamed so sleep with the products on. With professional micro needling done, leave the products on that were applied by the skincare specialist and then cleanse the next morning.

You also need to change your pillow case as you have opened your micro channels and you don’t want any bacteria getting into the skin following your micro needling treatment. 

The Day After At Home Micro Needling 

The Morning 

Step 1 Cleanse:

Caroline used the Iluma lightening cleanser. Now if you’ve following our blogs, you’ll know that she used this because she suffers from pigmentation making it perfect for her skin type. This product also contains no active ingredients. Products containing active ingredients are a massive no go 3 days before and post treatment. 

Step 2 Hydrate:

She then applied her hyaluronic filler. This product is excellent for plumping and hydrating the skin and is what she used while carrying out micro needling. 

Step 3 Moisturise:

Image Skincare SPF was then applied.  It’s still important to protect your skin against environmental damage, free radicals. The Image skincare SPF’s also contain zinc oxide which is healing for the skin. Your skin will be inflamed following micro needling, zinc oxide is good for calming inflammation. 

The Night.

Step 1 Cleanse

Caroline used the lightening cleanser again. 

Step 2 Hydrate 

Followed by the hyaluronic filler. 

She did not use any SPF. Although she is post at home micro needling, unlike last night, her micro channels are now closed making SPF only a necessity during day time. SPF is especially important during the day after micro needling at home or in a clinic but is also important every other day of the year for that matter it protects us from harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Add  in’s (Non essential):

Dermaroller Downtime

Caroline Hooper – Director

Caroline also applied the dermalogica antioxidant hydramist in the morning following at home micro needling the night before. She emphasized that this is non essential however as she loves how hydrating and refreshing it is on the skin, she applied it! She also knew that it was 100% safe to use. 

On day 2 following at home micro needling, Caroline had just received new products and while keeping her skincare routine the same as listed above, she decided to make one addition as a night cream. The Ormedic balancing bio-peptide creme. This product contains organic aloe vera, ubiquinone (powerful antioxidant and Apricot oil (moisturising and softening). This product is excellent for teenage skin, as an introductory product into cosmeceutical skincare, unbalanced skin and of course post treatment making it just perfect for Caroline. 

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Finally, what Downtime are we looking at?

The total downtime is really in the hours following treatment. You will experience redness and inflammation. The following day, there will be maximum patches of slight redness but nothing to get too excited about.  


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