Dermaroller For Hair Loss

While using the dermaroller for hair loss on your scalp can improve it’s thickness and health, it cannot bring back hair that is lost due to receding. The idea behind using the dermaroller on a receding hair line is to strengthen the hair that is there and help prevent further loss. It can also be a recommendation following hair transplants in order to help prevent further hair loss. It may also be recommended by a specialist in this area to use in prescription with certain hair products. Throughout this blog, we’ll be exploring this area and explaining it in further detail. 

Interested in learning how the dermaroller can be used to improve your skin health. head over to our pillar page where we have key points condensed for some easy reading 😉

Disclaimer* We do not specialise in hair loss. If you purchase a dermaroller and are using it in conjunction with other products for your hair, you should have this approved by a professional in this area. If you are using it in conjunction with any kind of product (even pharmacy branded), do your research and ensure it it is 100% safe to be used with the dermaroller. 

In our previous blog,we broke down how to use the dermaroller on all of the different hair types. With that in mind, we’d highly suggest heading over for all our tips and tricks explained.

In light of that, we’ll be focusing on the reaction the dermaroller causes in the skin.

Dermaroller For Hair Loss

Dermaroller For Hair

 Micro Needing Explained: 

Micro needling is a treatment whereby needles puncture the epidermis layer of the skin causing a controlled injury. In clinic treatment (done by a professional skincare specialist) will have a needle depth ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.5 on the face. On the body the needle depth will go to 2.5 but this is not relevant for the topic in question, hair growth. At home micro needling using a dermaroller, which is what you would use on the scalp is carried out with most commonly a 0.5 mm needle. Some people will use a 0.25 mm needle depth but this of course will not be as effective. A 0.25 mm may not be sufficient depth. (Depending on your hair type.)

The controlled injury awakens your collagen and elastin production in your body and stimulates their production. In skincare this is useful in reducing the appearance of the following;


Fine Lines and Wrinkles.


and improves the over all heath of skin while allowing better absorption of skincare products. (Only non active products should be used 3 days pre and 3 days post treatment. During treatment, you must only use a non active serum to roll with.) 

At this point you’re probably wondering:

“But how does it help improve the health and thickness of my hair?”

Use your Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller to micro needle your scalp in order to increase blood circulation to the root of the hair and this improving hair growth. Aside from collagen production in the skin, it’s thought that microneedling can also help induce stem cells in the scalp that lead to hair growth. Microneedling can also promote the absorption of hair growth products, such as minoxidil (Rogaine).

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