Dermaroller Kit

The dermaroller kit refers to everything you need in order to carry out safe and effective at home micro needling. In this blog, we will be exploring what you need and how to carry out at home micro needling with your dermaroller. 

Details of what your products need to be: 

Cleanser – Non active cleanser to be used 3 days leading up to treatment (Morning and Night)

Moisturiser – If you are using a moisturiser, make sure that is a non active cosmeceutical product. 

Serum – If you are using a serum, ensure that it is non active. You will also need this while carrying out treatment.

SPF – Again, we would recommend your SPF to be cosmeceutical. 

We have extensive information on the dermaroller over on our website, check it out. Just click on “dermaroller”.


You probably think we are biased recommending all cosmeceutical products but cosmetic brands can be heavily perfumed so they’re not suitable to used while rolling. 

What we recommend:

You don’t need to be using all listed products above, we’re just highlighting what they should consist of. Although you should be cleansing, using SPF and either a serum or moisturiser. 

Dermaroller Kit

Dermaroller How To Use

You may be wondering what serum you should be using:

There are a few serums that you could be using while carrying out at home micro needling which we’ll list below explaining why their good for the skin and for what skin types. 

ILUMA Brightening Serum – This serum is excellent to use with skin suffering from pigmentation. 

AGELESS Hyaluronic Filler – Excellent for anti ageing as it plumps and hydrates. 

ORMEDIC Balancing Serum – Brilliant for unbalance skin, perhaps the least popular serum to use while rolling.

The MAX stem cell Serum – This serum is probably the most effective in anti ageing.

When you purchase the Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller , you have the option to grab a custom made post treatment kit which includes everything you need in the 3 days, during and 3 days post treatment. We will also pop in a Vital C enzyme masque to introduce hydration back into the skin. You cannot use this product until 3 days has passed after treatment. 

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