Dermaroller Lips

Lips are the topic on….. well everyone’s lips. Up sizing our pout seems to be in the interest of most females minds in the UK and Ireland. From botched to beautiful results, when we turn to Instagram, we are consistently bombarded with an eternity of Images of Lips. A lot of people feel pressured in today’s society to go under the needle and introduce some more juice into their pout. What if we told you that we had a solution for naturally increasing the amount of collagen in your lips? No surgery! No needles! You probably wouldn’t believe us? Thanks to the welcoming of the dermaroller into a now more innovative beauty industry, we can. This blog is looking at the new trend, the dermaroller lips. 

Grab My Very Own Dermaroller and Increase My Lips naturally Today.

For those of you who don’t know what the dermaroller is, allow us to explain. The dermaroller is an at home micro needling device. Micro needling is a treatment whereby fine needles puncture the outer layer of the dermis also known as the papillary layer. It effectively is a controlled injury to the surface of the skin. This controlled injury stimulates your bodies natural ability to heal itself. Your body now produces collagen and elastin at an increase rate. The production of collagen and elastin inflicts a multitude of benefits to the skin including plumping. Micro needling the lip area will increase the collagen in your lips thus increasing their size.

View extensive information on the dermaroller here!

Dermaroller Lips

Dermaroller Lips – Before and After Using the Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller

Below are the full list of benefits Micro Needling has on the skin. 

  • Firming and Pumping Skin. 
  • Reducing Fine Lines ans Wrinkles.
  • Reducing the Appearance of Acne Scarring. 
  • Reduces Open and Blocked Pores.
  • Generates Overall Skin Rejuvenation.

Skin Conditions You Cannot Carry Out At Home Micro Needling With. 

  • Active Rosacea.
  • Active Acne. 
  • Eczema.
  • Cold Sores. (If you suffer with cold sores, you must wait for at least 2 weeks after your last cold sore has disappeared to use roller.)

If you found this blog interesting and you would like to know more about the dermaroller, Check out my last blog exploring how to safely carry out treatment around the eye area.

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