Dermaroller Neck

Sagging, drooping skin on the neck area. Has there ever been a bigger give away of someones age? Or even worst, has there ever been a bigger indicator that someone is older than what they actually are. Yes it’s true. Unfortunately, the neck area also know as the platysma can drop quicker for some people than others. Some peoples even drop as young as early 20’s. When we say drop, we’re just referring to this skin losing it’s tightness. Even worst, some people don’t have any firmness to begin with. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the, “Dermaroller Neck.” 

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How does Micro Needling Work to Tighten and Firm Skin?

By causing the controlled injury to the skin, we are stimulating collagen and elastin production. This reaction results in a general tightening and firming of the skin. For older people who have lost elasticity in the skin due to age, we are simply reminding our collagen to do it’s job properly. 

Dermaroller Neck

Dermaroller On Neck

How do you roll the neck area?

If you have just rolled your face, we would recommend cleaning the roller before starting on the neck area. This is just precaution in case there was any dirt or debris on the facial area. On that note we will also highlight that if while rolling your facial area or any other area for that matter and you think you’ve rolled over some dirt or debris. – Stop and clean the roller immediately. Ensure it is free of any external alcohol based cleaning product before beginning to roll again. At very least we would recommend for it to be rinsed in boiling water. 

The actual treatment is just the same as the facial area. Split the neck into sections, rolling vertically and horizontally 4-5 times each way. Be extra careful when rolling the neck area as it’s harder to see moles and acne and generally anything you shouldn’t be carrying out treatment over. We recommend to map out areas to not roll over before starting treatment. Do not go over them. 

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