Dermaroller Needle Size

In this blog we are going to explore, the best home dermaroller needle size. We are also going to look at why it’s the best for effective yet safe home micro needling. For this blog, we are going to be referring to the Image A.D.S Premium dermaroller as it is our top choice when it comes to home micro needling. This dermaroller contains 540 0.5mm titanium fine needles which work produce a controlled injury to the surface of the skin and improve skins over all health. For extensive information on the dermaroller, check out this link!

Dermaroller Needle Size

Dermaroller Procedure

Safety first!

A lot of people have queried the safety of using a 0.5mm needle without training and we are here to assure that it is 100% safe. When you purchase an Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller we provide you with a tutorial on how to carry out treatment. We also provide you with extensive information on the do’s and don’ts. The information provided is extremely easy to follow ensuring safe home micro needling. Some of the key points that are highlighted as as follows:

  1. Do not turn the dermaroller while it’s in your skin. 
  2. You cannot use the dermaroller if you have any of the following: Active acne, eczema, active rosacea, any abnormal skin condition. You must be extremely careful if you suffer with cold sores. (Skin must be fully clear of old sores for atleast 2 weeks prior to treatment. 
  3. Roll between 3-5 times depending on sensitivity. We also explain how to micro needle the area surrounding your eyes and how far you can go. (It’s too the cheek bone!)
  4. If you suffer with sensitive skin, you need to be careful that you’re not over doing it. 
  5. You cannot use any active ingredients 3 days prior, during and 3 days post treatment. You can only use a non active serum while micro needling the skin. 

Given that information is provided in the above topics, you’re not just getting a dermaroller, you’re getting extensive information on how to use it from an expert. If you did not receive this information, then a 0.5mm would be unsafe. You should also note that a 0.25mm would also be unsafe. Education is key and we understand that we cannot just sell the dermarollers without the information to go with it. 

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