Dermaroller On Neck

Ageing doesn’t just stop at the facial area, it appears all over our body. When it comes looking after your skincare, you should not just be focusing on the face, you should be concentrating on all of the following areas:

  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Jawline.
  • Platysma.
  • Chest Areas.

In fact, When applying skincare products, we should be bringing them down as far as the nipple area to ensure full coverage of delicate ageing skin.

What makes our Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller a leading roller is it’s ability to be brought that bit further. The Image A.D.S Premium dermaroller usage can be brought down as far as the above listed areas.

We managed to grab one of our Creative Director’s, Aisling for a quick tutorial on how to carry out dermaroller at home on the neck area. We thought it would be beneficial to use a member of the office staff. Why? We have a team of highly skilled laser and skincare specialists in our clinics, however the roller can be used by anyone. 

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The following is a step by step guide to best dermaroller practise for the neck area: 

Step 1: You’re going to need your product. The same rules that apply to the facial area, apply to the neck and chest area for that matter. Use the same product as you have used while rolling over the face. This product should not contain any active ingredients. For best dermaroller practise, we recommend hyaluronic acid or Iuma Brightening serum, both found amongst Image Skincare’s range. 

Step 2: Take the full neck area starting from one side as far back as you can go with the area in sight to prevent harm to the surface of the skin, all the way round to the other side. This is to keep track on what areas have been rolled to prevent going over the same area twice. 

Step 3: Apply your product before and after dermaroller usage.

Dermaroller On Neck

dermaroller procedure

Tips for How to Use Dermaroller Correctly: 

*A tip for shortening the rolling time is to apply the product to the new area while covering the area that has just been rolled. It’s important to use the product before and after as your micro channels are now open and it’s the best opportunity to get those all important ingredients down further to the epidermis getting more from your products. 

IMPORTANT! There’s not many ways in which you can hurt yourself while carrying out this treatment but not properly lifting the roller from your skin before turning it is one. It sounds simple right? The reason why we stress this so much is that we understand how busy peoples lives can get and rushing our skincare routine can be detrimental if using a dermaroller. 

Keep it Clean! In between using the dermaroller and applying product, place the dermaroller back into the box. Following treatment, for best home dermaroller practise, clean the dermaroller along with the box. Also, to note, be careful with the roller, it consists of tiny 0.5 mm needles that can bend if the roller is thrown onto hard surfaces. 

Dermaroller on neck:

Much like the facial area, roll in a criss cross pattern, taking small areas until the full area is covered. 

For information on the dermaroller, check out this link: Dermaroller – Havana Skin Clinic

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