Dermaroller on stretch marks

You may all be wondering, can you use the dermaroller on stretch marks? And is it any good? The answer is YES! Its amazing!!

The results when using the dermaroller are the best for stretch marks when comparing it to any other treatment.

Causes of Stretch Marks?

-Some people never suffer from stretch marks even after weight gain and loss. Others get them more easily and can suffer with them their whole lives from teenage years to adult hood. Your likely hood of getting them and their severity really boils down to genetics. You could have someone who goes through pregnancy and doesn’t have one stretch mark. You can also have a 5’8 size 8 female who suffers with them due to growing too quickly. It’s unpredictable and sometimes, in-explainable. That doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down though.

It’s 2019 and we are truly living in a time where being your authentic self is totally acceptable and embraced. Saying that, it’s also accepted and embraced that being your authentic self and being the person who you want to be can mean tweaking something that bothers us. If something bothers you that you can easily change then go for it!

It doesn’t get more natural then using a device that promotes your bodies natural ability to reverse something that displeases us. Why not try our cost effective dermaroller. Grab your very own Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller and Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks Forever



Growth spurts. 


The dermaroller will help get rid of those unwanted stretch marks. The Image A.D.S premium dermaroller is used for stretchmarks on the bum, thigh, tummy and the chest. It can be used on all types of stretch marks, no matter the size. The dermaroller has been shown to break down old, misaligned collagen fibers that cause scars or marks on the skin.

So, how does it work? It will reduce the stretch marks by creating a controlled injury on the surface of the skin. The injury is caused by the needles themselves. As they are all 0.5mm in length, the depth is controlled. When it creates that controlled injury, the skin is going to kick into repair mode. Your brain sends a message to your collagen and elastin instructing it to wake up and go do its job properly. The production of these proteins its going to help bring the skin back together and tighten it up, minimising the appearance of stretch marks and giving a smoother feel to the skin.


The Image ADS premium dermaroller has a needle depth of 0.5mm. This is the only depth that you can use at home without medical supervision, but if you want to go any deeper into the skin, we recommend that you go to a certified skin clinic. Check out the latest debate here.

Dermaroller for stretch marks

Get more information on the dermaroller: HERE!

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