Dermaroller Pores

Surprisingly, one of the most popular reasons people decide to undergo micro needling is due to open and blocked pores which brings us to our latest topic to explore, dermaroller pores. Open and blocked pores go hand in hand and it’s not hard to understand why. 

Just to explain, Clogged pores are the result of dead skin cells getting trapped in your skin instead of being shed into the environment. Pores are tiny openings in the skin that release oil and sweat. When pores are clogged, it can result in blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

Micro needling removes the sebum and excess oils that are clogged in the pore and helps to tighten the pore. Following in clinic micro needling, it is necessary to follow up with home care. The dermaroller is a really good solution to home care in this case. 

The treatment, micro needling promotes faster cell turnover allowing for a quicker production of fresher, plumper skin. It generates a deep exfoliation on the skin removing some of the dead skin cells. Over time, you can significantly reduce your black heads by using a dermaroller. By undergoing in clinic micro needling, you will incur a much deeper treatment. This will allow for immediate significant reduction in black heads. In some cases, it will remove the black heads completely. 

Dermaroller Pores

Dermaroller Micro Needle

Aisling’s Experience:

Black heads are something that most people will suffer with and some people will have them and not even realise they’re there until they remove them. When trialing The Image A.D.S Dermaroller, our marketing executive Aisling couldn’t get over the reduction in her pores. This was down to 2 reasons. 

Reason 1: She didn’t even know she was aware of them until noticing their reduction. 

Reason 2: The sheer reduction in their quantity. 


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