Dermaroller Price

When people look at the price of in clinic micro needling and the price of the dermaroller, they always question how the dermaroller can be such a cost effective solution. The answer is in a nutshell, the dermaroller needles are only 0.5 mm for your own safety. The in clinic treatment is a lot more invasive and generates results at a higher level than the dermaroller for obvious reasons. The in clinic treatment is done using a professionals time and resources. This is everything from the consultation to the physical treatment. This is also includes using fresh needles which are then disposed of after treatment.

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The dermaroller is an effective tool for generating similar results to in clinic micro needling. However, the in clinic treatment costs us a lot more in money, time and resources. In an attempt to make the at treatment even more effective, Caroline recorded a tutorial. In this video she explains, how to use the roller while physically showing her viewers. She also talks about the products that you should be using around the days of treatment.

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Dermaroller Price

Dermaroller 0.5

Differences Between In Clinic Micro Needling and the Dermaroller:

  • In clinic micro needling goes deeper beneath the epidermis of the skin generating better results.
  • The Dermaroller requires more patience as you gradually build up the amount of treatments. You can start at one treatment per week then go to 2 if when your skin is ready. You can gradually build up to 3-4 max depending on your skin.
  • The downtime associated with micro needing is longer as the controlled injury is more severe.
  • The dermaroller requires a lot more of your time and energy.
  • The dermaroller can be done from home.
  • The two options for micro needling pose different benefits for different people.

It goes without saying that they have many similarities. While people are undergoing a course of micro needling treatment, they may also use a dermaroller in between treatments.

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