Dermaroller Procedure

We sat down with Yasmin, specialist in results driven treatments with over 10 years experience in her field to chat

about the dermaroller procedure and to answer the all important question; 

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“Are the results permanent?”

You want bang for your buck! That’s understandable. No body invests in a product or 

any item for that matter hoping that it won’t achieve the desired result. Yasmin

told us about she is always being asked to clarify the following points: 

  • Are the results permanent
  • When will I see results 
  • How long will results last

In answer to how permanent the results are:

Yes, the results are permanent. For example with acne scarring, if you are suffering with scarring, depending on the severity of the scarring you may need to use the roller more often to achieve your desired results. However, once these results are achieved, they are not reversible. They are permanent. You may experience new scarring if you are eligible for breakouts that could leave you with scarring but this will not allow old scarring to resurface. The scarring that is cleared up from using your dermaroller is gone forever. 

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Dermaroller Usage

Yasmin’s advice! 

“Even after achieving your desired results, keep up the treatment. Your skin has got to where it is because you worked hard to get it there! Dermaroller usage will work to improve over all skin healthy so keeping it up is a no brainer.”

She went on to say that you can initially gradually build up how many times you use the roller to be on average 2 – 3 times a week and continue to do this until desired results are achieved. After achieving your desired results, you can then pull back and use it once every 2 weeks or maybe even once a month. Remember skincare is personal and never generic so what might work for someone else might not work for you making it so important to to seek the advice of a skincare specialist when changing your skincare routine. Even just pick up the phone and ring a clinic and ask. 



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