Dermaroller Usage

Dermaroller usage! What does it mean? The above title represents everything you should be doing with your dermaroller. From physically using it,  the dos and don’ts, storing it and replacing it. In this blog, we are going to go through everything and try our best to summarize it to the best of our abilities. All blogs are summarized over on our main page Dermaroller, just click on the link for extensive information. We will also note that the following is a summary and you should carry out further research before using your dermaroller. We have loads of information in our previous blogs and the above link. 

Physically Using Your Dermaroller.

You cannot use your dermaroller if you suffer with any of the following: 


Active Acne.

Skin must be fully clear of cold sores for at least 2 weeks.

Active Rosacea. If you are rolling over rosacea, you must be extremely careful. If the rosacea flares up, stop rolling immediately and seek the advice of a professional skincare specialist. You should also do this before using the dermaroller to ensure your rosacea is okay to carry out at home micro needling over. 

Any abnormal skin conditions.

Dermaroller Usage

Dermaroller Online

Steps in Order to Carry Out Safe and Effective at Home Micro Needling:

3 Days Pre, During and Post Treatment:

You cannot use any products containing active ingredients. 

You should always wear SPF but around this time, it’s importance is heightened.

1 – Double cleanse the skin in order to entirely remove all dirt and debris. 

2 – Apply your chosen serum to the entire area you will be carrying out treatment on. 

3 – Micro needle the entire area section by section keeping track on what areas are done. 

4 – Roll 4-5 times vertically and then horizontally depending on sensitivity. The nose area needs a different approach with less rolling and less pressure especially down the bridge of the nose. You will only be rolling vertically down the bridge of the nose 3 – 4 times with less pressure depending on sensitivity. You need to be careful. We provide a video tutorial when you purchase the Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller.

5 – While making your way through the sections of your face, apply more serum before and after. Following treatment, apply another thin layer of serum to the full face. 

Storing Your Dermaroller and Replacing it

You must replace your dermroller every 6-8 weeks depending on how often your using it. The body area your using it on may also effect it’s life expectancy. Store it in the container you receive it in. (You should always receive it in a container.) In order to clean the roller properly, boil the kettle and andangle to roller until the pouring water so that the head spins and you can be sure that all of the needles have been successfully cleaned. Position it at an angle pointing down and pour boiling hot water all over it. Be careful that the water does not get too close to your hands and that you don’t get a steam burn. You should wear stealised rubber gloves. Carry out the same procedure with the container. In between rolling the various sections of your face, you can place the roller back into the container for safe keeping. 

Sterilizing the Dermaroller 

To ensure the deepest clean of your dermaroller, follow the steps below. These steps also apply if you believe you have rolled over anything active. Active being acne, rosacea, eczema, area with a cold sore or where a cold sore has been in the past 2 weeks. We will also note that you should under no circumstance be rolling when you have anything active on your skin. If you suffer with cold sores, you have to wait 2 weeks after your last one has fully disappeared to micro needle the skin. 

  1. Rinse your derma roller under warm water for 2-3 seconds. 
  2. Pour isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in a small dish, preferably a plastic cup. Using a glass could potentially damage the needles. The plastic cup will have some give if needed and the needles will not bend. Ensure the cup has been thoroughly cleaned and free of any washing up liquid before using. 
  3. Soak your derma roller for 60 minutes to thoroughly sanitize it.
  4. Rinse your derma roller with warm running water for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Lay your roller upside down on a paper towel and let it air dry. Ensure the roller is completely dry before using it.


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