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It’s obvious that we love producing videos here at Havana Skin Clinic. With so much to share with the world, what better way to do it than through a lens. We understand that in today’s society, people are busy. Ramming onto a packed Luas or Dublin Bus with your bag in one hand and phone in the other, having to just listen to a post than physically read can be so much easier at times. With explaining a treatment, it’s also important to physically show it being done. This is especially important in treatments we’ve promised are not painful. What better way to add concrete to our promise than actually show our lovely model feel no pain during treatment. 

In this blog, we are again continuing on with our Everything Dermaroller obsession but zoning in on the video content we have produced. We are going to pull the videos we think you would find most useful for the following:

  • Understanding if the dermaroller will suit you.
  • How to use a dermaroller.
  • Are the results permanent?

If you’re interested in viewing extensive information about the dermaroller, we have a main page on our website which outlines everything you need to know. You can view it HERE!

Understanding if the dermaroller will suit you.

At home micro needling poses the following benefits for our skin: 

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks. 

General maintenance for our skin. 

Promotes firmer, plumper skin. 

Dermaroller Video

dermaroller procedure

You cannot however, use the dermaroller if you have the following skin concerns: 

Active Rosacea

Active Acne

Cold sore – This one is particularly dangerous! If you have had a cold sore, you must wait atleast 2 weeks after it has completely disappeared to use a dermaroller. This is to avoid spreading the infection all over the face, particularly the eye area.

Top Tip* Ensure that you do not use your dermaroller over moles! 

How to use a dermaroller.

One of the biggest questions we were asked was how to use the dermaroller on the neck area after we highlighted that it can be used on this area. It was because of this simple fact that we produced a video solely highlighting how to use it on the neck area. We hope you liked it as much as Aisling, one of our creative directors enjoyed making it!

Are the results permanent?

This is a question we get all of the time! Understandably, some people are skeptical. The price being a fraction of you would pay for in clinic micro needling, it’s no wonder some people question it’s legitimacy as a product. It’s time to set the record straight! Yes of course the results are permanent! For instance, if we are to look at acne scarring, once it’s appearance is reduced, it’s reduced. It is irreversible unlike the acne scarring itself.

Grab your very own dermaroller HERE!

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