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Countless messages, DM’s, emails and calls have come in with multitudes of questions. We always respond but feel compelled to publicise the response. Generally when someone has a question, there’s an army behind them with the same or a very similar query. You might have noticed that we use our video to address a lot of your questions and have almost made a dermaroller YouTube account at this stage. We’ve posted a multitude of videos addressing the various questions that come in regarding the dermaroller. One of the most important ones address before after care. As we already had a look at the before care, today we’ll be zoning in on product. 

For reference, you can catch Caroline’s video below. We will be elaborating on her key points throughout the blog. 

The Importance of the right product while Micro Needling

This product will be delivered beneath the epidermis of the skin and it’s benefits are going to be maximised! More importantly, it must be a product that is safe to use. Remember, products with active ingredients are a massive no go! As previously mentioned, absolutely no active ingredients allowed so no products containing active ingredients can be used.

Caroline uses hyaluronic filler during her dermaroller procedure and says in her opinion is the best product to use while carrying out the treatment. She explained that she applied the product section by section before and after rolling the areas of her face and then following treatment, applied another small layer. You might be wondering:

Why did Caroline apply a second final layer of hyaluronic filler to the face following micro needling? 

Your micro channels are now open and it’s important to take advantage of this. We’ve broken the greatest barrier for our expensive products to get through so you need to take advantage of this. 

Dermaroller YouTube

dermaroller online

SPF, even at night!

Caroline applied SPF following her home micro needling even though she carried out the treatment at night. It’s still important to protect your skin against environmental damage, free radicals. The Image skincare SPF’s also contain zinc oxide which is healing for the skin. Your skin will be inflamed following micro needling, zinc oxide is good for calming inflammation. 

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Caroline’s Tips Post Treatment.

Caroline also highlighted that it’s important not to tamper with the skin or products following application. Your skin will be inflamed so sleep with the products on. With professional micro needling done, leave the products on that were applied by the skincare specialist and then cleanse the next morning.

You also need to change your pillow case as you have opened your micro channels and you don’t want any bacteria getting into the skin following your micro needling treatment. 

In our next blog, we’ll be focusing on the the aftercare that comes with micro needling, so stay tuned!

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