Do you think Havana Skin Clinic should team up with Dermalogica??

We managed to catch up Louise, a training specialists from Dermalogica who lucky for us, was more than happy to chat to us about Dermalogica as a skincare brand on the whole.

If you’ve been following our blogs, you’ll know that Dermalogica is most certainly a skincare brand to watch out for many reasons. Due to their move to Unilever, they have more opportunity for research and development and are now the number one skincare brand voted for by therapists.




Louise outlined why Dermalogica has earned its title as number one skincare brand. Their company which is based primarily on education, educating all of their therapists and all of their clients. Their customers are doing very well because they know that everyone wants to have the healthiest skin possible.

They thrive to not only provide them with education but to give them their own education that they need to achieve their best skin possible.

She went onto passionately speak about their amazing products that they can prescribe to their clients so they can achieve the best results they can possibly get.  

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