Don’t buy Image Skincare Products Online!!

So, what influenced us to educate you guys on this topic? Karen, our Sword’s manager recently saw a client with an extremely impaired barrier function in her skin, her skin was extremely dry from using Image products she had bought online. The products she had purchased were unsuitable for her skin and so she broke the barrier on her skin and was continuously applying the wrong products to her skin which were penetrating further into her skin due to the barrier being broken causing more adverse effects. When the client was brought in for her skin consultation, as usual she was asked to bring her products in with her and what we found was:


1. Spelling mistakes on the back of the bottles.

2. Discolouration’s on the packaging.

3. The texture of the products was not right either.

Why not to purchase Image Skincare Peel products online?

It’s a cosmeceutical brand meaning it’s a blend between your cosmetic and pharmaceutical and they contain ingredients targeted at various skin needs so if your using the wrong ingredients for your skins needs, you’ll end up causing the wrong reaction on your skin.

What can we do for our new client who is suffering with the impaired barrier function?

Set her up on a new skin regime, getting back to good skin health will take time as while using the wrong products beforehand, they did penetrate too far.

Check out this video to see Karen explain this topic in further detail also using our Retinol-A as an example.

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