Finest Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dublin


Electrolysis is the most common procedure for long-term hair removal. To obtain the best results, multiple sessions are needed. Contrary to common opinion, this is not a permanent hair removal process. No procedure will absolutely remove hair from your body. It can get rid of excess hair regardless of the origin, which may be hereditary, metabolic, or hormonal. Havana provides you with a world-class electrolysis hair removal experience as well as all clinically certified aftercare items and instructions. To learn more about it, stop by one of our Dublin clinics or give us a call today.

The Process

Electrolysis effectively works by halting all hair growth. A fine probe is inserted into the skin as part of the procedure. The probe is inserted into the skin tissue and delivers an electric current in the milliampere range. To stop new hair from developing, it uses shortwave radio or direct current in hair follicles. The electrical current irreversibly destroys the follicle, causing hair to quickly fall out and removing the follicle’s capacity to grow hair in the future. Electrolysis is particularly successful at removing white and blonde hair. Electrolysis can be classified into three types: galvanic, which chemically dissolves the follicle, thermolysis, which uses localized fire, and mix, which combines all methods. Electrolysis has the potential to produce long-term effects, but it takes time. Hair goes through three stages: development, rest, and shedding. Multiple sessions would be needed because the hair is not all at the same stage at the same time. During a session, a technician must handle each patient’s hair one at a time. Each follicle may be killed, but the treatment time is frequently a problem.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Why Electrolysis

  • Versatile: Electrolysis can be used in a variety of ways. For all skin and hair types, it may help prevent new hair development. Electrolysis can be used on almost every part of the body, including the brows. It works with people of all skin types, colors, and hair types. Electrolysis may be used to extract hair from any part of the body, including the brows. It can also be used by a larger range of individuals. Electrolysis, unlike laser therapy, attacks the follicle itself rather than the hair pigment. Electrolysis can be used on people who aren’t good candidates for laser.
  • Enduring: When it comes to permanently removing hair, electrolysis provides the best overall results when compared to any other process. Although it doesn’t ensure a permanent solution through and through, many people do experience a last-lasting relief with it.
  • Convenience: Following the treatment, people will instantly resume their normal activities. For those who are short of time, this shortened recovery time is highly beneficial. If the hair has been removed, there is no need to schedule an annual electrolysis session. This makes maintaining the treated area much simpler. Furthermore, unlike other related processes, electrolysis does not involve the application of chemicals to the skin.

As you can see from above, electrolysis hair removal is an extremely popular and effective solution to long-term hair removals. Our experts are renowned for offering a cost-effective and efficient electrolysis service all around Dublin.

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