Esthetician school

Esthetician School

If you like to do makeup, hair styling or you are interested in procedures that enhance a person’s beauty, being an esthetician might be the career for you. The growing industry of beauty and esthetics comes with the increasing demand for skilled individuals who are expert in procedures and services for beauty enhancement. You can acquire massive opportunities in the esthetic field, but first, you need to be a certified esthetician if you want to join this industry. You can tap your goals by studying in esthetician school. Here will let you know more about it.

What’s an esthetician school?

laser hair removal training guideEsthetician schools offer training and education about skin care, makeup, hairstyling, laser hair removal training, and many more skills about beauty and wellness. Esthetician schools have a lot to offer. Before you sign up for a course, first you must fully realize what or where you want to focus. Esthetician schools can train you about manicure, pedicure, hair styling, makeup, or plainly about being an expert about beauty. When we talk about beauty, it doesn’t only involve the external appearance of a person, but most importantly, how she feels about herself. However, every journey has to start somewhere. So, if beauty is your passion, you must initially know what part of beauty you want to improve, or help others to improve in their selves. To help you begin, here some esthetician areas you can focus on:

  •             Cosmetology courses
  •             Manicuring courses
  •             Aesthetic courses
  •             Cosmetology instructor training

Esthetician schools around the globe

Esthetician schools are everywhere. You can even find one near you. Before you enroll, however, you must first assure that the school you have chosen is accredited by a legitimate, esthetician institute in your country. Here are some esthetician schools that can be found in the US, UK, and Ireland:

Esthetician schools in the US

  • Bene's Career Academy
  • Hair Professionals Career College
  • Aveda Institute Tampa Bay
  • American Beauty School
  • Don Roberts School of Hair Design
  • Donna's Academy of Hair Design
  • The Salon Professional Academy
  • Body Logic School of Cosmetology & Esthetics
  • Empire Beauty School
  • The Wisconsin Academy
  • Paul Mitchell The School Indianapolis

Esthetician schools in the UK

  • The London School of Beauty & Make-up
  • Oxford International College Of Beauty
  • UK Beauty Schools (Kent Beauty School)
  • London College of Beauty Therapy
  • East London Beauty Academy
  • Bristol Beauty School
  • Champneys Beauty College
  • Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy
  • Central Manchester College of Health & Beauty
  • The Yorkshire College Of Beauty Therapy Ltd
  • London MakeUp School
  • Sopa's Beauty & Nail Academy UK Ltd
  • UK Beauty Schools (Essex Beauty School)

Esthetician schools in the Ireland

  • Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School
  • The Galligan College of Beauty and Hairdressing
  • American Beauty College
  • The Academy Hair & Beauty Training School
  • The Beauty Institute
  • Sharon Leavy College of Hair & Beauty
  • Cork College Of Beauty Therapy
  • Waverley Academy College
  • Beauty Academy
  • Pembroke Beauty College
  • Roberta Mechan Beauty Training College
  • Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland (ATAI) Limited
  • The Academy Hair & Beauty Training School


What you can learn in an esthetician school?

There are various courses that you can choose at esthetician schools. We’ll share only a few of the courses that you can sign up for depending on your interest. We will elaborate the branches of the main categories of courses that are typically offered at esthetician schools.

Cosmetology courses

A cosmetology course generally aims to train and hone skills about hair, nails and makeup. If you want to be a hair stylist, a manicurist, or a makeup artist, signing up for a cosmetology course can be your best pick. Below are the skills you can get when you choose to study a cosmetology course:

  •             Expert hair styling
  •             Hair color specialist
  •             Expert in hair extensions and permanent waves
  •             Expert on theater hair styling
  •             Hair styling assistant
  •             Manicurist
  •             Nail technician
  •             Makeup artist
  •             Esthetician
  •             Consultant for beauty and personal appearance

Manicuring courses

As the word implies, manicuring courses focus on everything about the nails, from its physical appearance to nail health. There are various technicalities that a person can learn about nails, and it’s more than just coloring the nails of the hands and feet. There are different kinds of nail products that should be handled differently, as well as art approaches that one can do with the nails. Here are what you can become when you pursue manicuring courses:

  •             Expert manicurist
  •             Expert pedicurist
  •             Technician for nail products (acrylic and gel)
  •             Demonstrator of nail products
  •             Owner/manager of nail salons
  •             Instructor of nail technicalities

Esthetic courses

Esthetic courses will help you learn more about what you apply on your face; it will also teach you about beauty that’s skin deep. If you’re an esthetician, you will learn how to take care of the skin to keep it healthy and vibrant. Below are what's being taught in aesthetic courses:

  •             Right skin care
  •             Different facials
  •             Brow waxing and shaping
  •             Expert makeup artist
  •             Beauty consultation

Cosmetology instructor training

If you’re passionate about cosmetology, manicuring or anything beauty-related and you want to share your knowledge to others, signing up for an instructor training course might fit you. Here are what you can learn when you pursue this course:

  •             Become an instructor about cosmetology
  •             Owning cosmetology school
  •             Cosmetology school director or manager
  •             Expert in beauty products and supply
  •             Representative and demonstrator for cosmetic manufacturers
  •             Hair and beauty style director
  •             Platform artist
  •             Aesthetic teacher
  •             Teaching in manicure and pedicure technician
  •             Board member and inspector of the state

Esthetic laser training

Esthetic laser training involves learning about the most in-demand cosmetic treatments that use laser. The leading procedure for aesthetic laser today is laser hair removal, although there are many other laser services.

There are various laser aesthetic procedures for the skin and hair. Laser devices can also be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the severity of some skin conditions like acne and rosacea, and remove permanent tattoos. Some laser technologies are also used in improving the overall appearance of the skin, making it look brighter and tighter. A laser is also being used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of varicose veins. Below are more uses of laser devices:

  •             Reducing signs of aging
  •             Tightening and smoothing the upper and lower eyelid
  •             Eliminating freckles and brown spots
  •             Eliminating of stretch marks
  •             Reducing the appearance of frown lines

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