Facial laser hair removal is so common among women, as quite frankly, anyone who doesn’t suffer from it is quite lucky.

The unforgiving “Ronnie” and the odd hair poking out from the chin area is not something we invite but unfortunately arrive without invitation.

So what do we do? Sit back and allow these hairy assassins to change our whole entire look? For them to be the first thing people look at when they see us face to face? NOT! A! CHANCE! Not on our watch. See the way we look at it is, we can either allow them to set up camp or zapped them away and never look back.inline_6_http://havanaskinclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/bigstock-157381232-300x190.jpg

We recently treated Mary Olivierre for laser hair removal on the facial area and forearms. Mary came to us after trialling waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, the lot but never laser and now she’s began her journey with laser hair removal and we couldn’t be more thrilled, not just because we gained a new client but because after hearing her story and struggle with persistent hair growth, we’re truly looking forward to the day she can finally be hair free.

For more information on facial laser hair removal, check out this video we made before Mary’s treatment,

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