Have you ever???

Hair Removal Secrets Uncovered…

We headed out onto the streets of Dundrum to ask people everywhere and ask ‘Have you ever’ had hair removed and how it as done. Here’s what we found.


We asked people if they had shaved, waxed or had laser and we got mixed responses.


Most people who have undergone waxing said that it was indeed painful except for one girl who said that she had a high pain tolerance and that she could bare it.


Most people said that they had shaved and tried waxing but didn’t keep it up… which is understandable given its reputation for being painful. We had one client compare it to child birth and our favourite is always Jeni Assandey’s summary of the treatment simply saying that “The Struggle was Real!”


Everyone we asked said that they’d try laser but what do you think? Comment with your thoughts below.


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