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It’s summer?! Are you ready? Yes? No? Kind of? …… It’s okay! Neither is anyone but it’s not too late and anyone but here’s some simple steps that anyone can take to work towards achieving their dream bikini body. Some of these tips are obvious yet so easy to forget.

  1. Number 1 is the most obvious, it’s drink water. Water is ESSENTIAL for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body and of course, for all you gym bunnies, it regulates the body’s temperature through sweating.
  2. Diet! But not the normal diet, don’t focus on decreasing how much you eat, just WHEN you eat and HOW often you eat and of course WHAT you eat. Foodie and personal trainer Rebecca Gillen told us that your diet should be 80% whole foods and 20% treats. She explained about how when you cut all treats out, the chances of splurging are higher so set small gaols and when you achieve them, set larger ones and keep moving forward. Setting a goal which is unrealistic is setting yourself up for failure and discouragement.




3.  WAKE UP without sugar. If you have a busy lifestyle and need to keep on top, getting into a bad habit of guzzling down the red bull of cups of sugar filled Americanos or Frappuccino’s or mocha latte’s , cappuccinos, whatever it is you fancy is not going to help. Once you get into a habit of drinking plain Americanos DOES NOT take long to use to, we promise you. Remember there’s 360 calories in a small white chocolate mocha so BEWARE.


4. EXERCISE for your MIND and BODY. Going back to Rebecca Gillen’s advice, ask a family member, a friend, your house mate, anyone and everyone to go for an evening walk. Everyone loves an evening walk, especially in summer. Or perhaps, you’d rather go to the gym. Rebecca said the best thing to do is to try all of the classes until you find the class that’s best for you. And of course this is important to do before beginning a gym routine so that you know how to work out properly and more importantly, you don’t hurt yourself.


5. EDUCATE YOURSELF know what’s in the food you’re eating! The best way to do is by making the food yourself of course. Homemade granola, banana bread, breakfast smoothies, juices, simple dinners, swapping sweet potato for normal potato. We won’t get too technical about food but try some new recipes and keep trying new things until you find things that are QUICK and EASY to make so that you’ll keep it up and more importantly, meals and snacks that YOU ACTUALLY LOVE!! Banana with peanut butter and melted dark chocolate, it can all be so simple and DELICIOUS.

If you’re doing all this and still have some stubborn areas of fat or even loose skin which won’t budge or if you recently lost a lot of weight and are being held back by loose skin, here at Havana Therapy, we offer a non-invasive procedure called Radio Frequency which works by combining CORE™ technology with vacuum therapy to initiate three different processes: deep tissue heating, mechanical stretch and mechanical massage. (It also works as an excellent cellulite reduction treatment) Here’s a demo of the treatment being carried out:

We also offer a treatment called i-Lipo™ which is another non-invasive procedure (all of our treatments are non-invasive) and you can check out Miss Bikini Ireland Jeni Assandey undergoing the treatment here:

I-lypo page here

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