How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

What do I have to do for pre-appointment preparation?


So the main way in which you prepare for treatment is by having your consultation and patch test. This is where we can assure that you are suitable for laser hair removal by checking your medical history and ensuring that no medication you’re on now will stop you from having the treatment. Some of the questions we ask at the consultation are asked again before every treatment as with medication changes we need to ensure that it is safe to go ahead with the treatment.


If you are in the middle of your course of treatment and must undergo a course of antibiotics, we will not be able to treat during this time and you will be able to continue with treatment when you finish the medication.

When you start treatment, you must ensure that every area you are having treated is clean shaven, if the area is not shaven, we are unable to treat, however if there are small areas you have missed, we will be able to go ahead with treatment tidying up the areas.


No fake tan can be present on the skin so if you are a tan lover, you need ensure that you don’t apply tan 2-3 weeks before treatment.


If you are planning a sun holiday, you must be 28 days clear of sun exposure before undergoing treatment again.

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