How to cure Fungal Nail

Today’s blog is inspired by Michelle’s visit to our Dundrum clinic where she was seen by Hannah for her fungal nail treatment. Michelle has been suffering with the infection since she broke her nail 6 years. When the fresh nail grew, it brought the infection with it. As the infection was never treated, it spread into the rest of her nails as it is so highly infectious.


Hannah described the nail as being shorter and different to the rest of the nails saying it was a “purply colour”. What she described was so common and can happen among loads of different cases including wearing high shoes, wearing tight shoes, banging the nail and allowing the infection to settle in.


Michelle surprisingly said that the infection didn’t spread until the last year but this may not be the case. A lot of the time, fungal nail doesn’t have a colour so a lot of people don’t realise they have it until the infection progresses and discolours the nail. Other signs to look out for is thick and crumbling nails.

Is the treatment painful??

When we asked Michelle to rate her pain between one and five, she gave the treatment a 2 and said that she felt some heat on some toes.

When should I expect to see results? In and around 4 weeks’ time as the toe nails grow very slowly. What you’d be looking out for is a the clear nail growing around the cuticle as the treatment doesn’t affect the appearance of the current nail but it will stop the new nail from having the infection.


When’s my next treatment?

We’ll bring you in every 4 weeks for laser fungal nail treatment until the infection is gone. An estimate of how many you’ll need can be given at the consultation.

Check out Michelle’s experience and everything you need to know on how to cure fungal nail here:

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