How to Use Derma Roller For Cellulite on Bum

We sat down with the manager of our Dundrum clinic Yasmin Holden. If you’re new to our blogs, first of all welcome welcome WELCOME! Secondly, Yasmin is an expert in results driven treatments and products and has almost 10 years experience in her field. In this blog, we’re focusing on something that 80-90% of women suffer from, cellulite. Now, you would presume that given the fact that so many people suffer from it, it would be irreversible. Wrong! It’s 100% reversible. We’re micro needling the area. There are several treatment options to but this option is at a fragment of the price and can be done at home. It just takes more time and consistency to achieve desired results. This blog is going to be zoning specifically on, “How to Use Derma Roller For Cellulite on Bum.” Check out Yasmin’s full video below. We’ll be elaborating on her points made.

The dermaroller works by producing collagen and elastin, which results in tightening and firming of the area. 

Cellulift by Image Skincare is also an amazing product for reducing cellulite and this product can be used all over the body, just not the face as it’s quite strong. You cannot use the dermaroller and the product together as it’s too strong. 

From Yasmin’s experience, she likes to use hyaluronic filler while carrying out at home micro needling as she finds it plumps and firms the area. 

  • Apply the serum to the area. 
  • Roll the dermaroller vertically across the area in sections, up and down 5 times. 
  • Lift the roller. 
  • Roll the dermaroller horizontally across the area in sections, up and down 5 times. 

We’re causing a controlled injury to the surface of the skin which is stimulating collagen and elastin which will result in tightening and firming. 

Yasmin recommends that while you will see a result after one treatment, that you should continue to use it 4 – 5 times a week. She also highlights that you can’t immediately jump in and use it that much straight away! You must start off by using it roughly 2 – 3 times for the first 2 – 3 weeks and then move your way up. We must also highlight that everyone is different so listen to your body and how it feels and if it’s too sensitive to roll as much as often as we recommend then seek professional advice before continuing. 

View Extensive information on the Dermaroller here!

how to use derma roller for cellulite on bum

how to use derma roller for cellulite

The dermaroller also must not be used on certain skin types so it’s important that you research before hand. We have tonnes of information on the do’s and don’ts right here!


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