How to Use Derma Roller on Face

You might think that the title of this blog is questionable and it is. As a content writer, I’m slightly appalled to use such bad English especially on a title! After some research, it’s one of the most common phrases searched in relation to the dermaroller. In fact, if you probably searched the above term or something similar to find this article. We understand that in today’s society, people are getting busier and busier so it’s important to be able to provide information that’s easy to find. It’s also important to provide information that isn’t too fluffy and get’s to the point. With that in mind, let’s dive straight in. This blog is focusing on everything “How to Use Derma Roller on Face.” 😉 

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How to Use Derma Roller on Face

Yasmins Advice:

You should note that in Yasmin’s tutorial which we are going to share with you, she starts on the cheek area. Before you carry out at home micro needling, you should establish on what areas you are going to do and in what order. This is so you can keep track of where you have rolled. Redness may not appear immediately after carrying out at home micro needling. 

Yasmin who has over 10 years experience in results driven treatments features in the video. Please note that the roller is to be done by you, the person receiving the treatment. We just asked Yasmin to carry out treatment as she is a skincare specialist after all. 

Step 1: 

Rub your serum onto the surface of your skin Not too much though as you still want it to sit on the surface. 

Step 2:

Please note* Ensure that while rolling, you do not turn the roller while it’s in your skin. You must lift it and then turn it. This will aviod breaking the skin. 

Step 3: 

Roll in a criss-cross pattern. 

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