Is laser hair removal safe?

Everyone is asking if laser hair removal is safe. We have been receiving this million-dollar question from people who are interested about laser hair removal for some time now. The time has finally come to give answers. When it comes to the safety of the procedure, it all comes down to who is handling the device. Laser hair removal practitioners who received proper training are adept at performing treatments. They know exactly what to do and not do to assure that every procedure is safe and effective. If you, too, are asking the same question: is laser hair removal safe? Here, we will reveal the answers.

How laser hair removal works

The mechanism of action of laser hair removal devices is safe for a human’s body. Technologies for this treatment are made to target only the active hair follicles, and not the surrounding tissue. Thus, it won’t harm the skin or the tissue if the procedures are done right.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal works using a particular wavelength of light to create heat, which destroys the stem cells where the hair follicle grows. After around 4-10 sessions (the number of sessions varies), the hair will start to shed and will then be removed permanently. However, people with darker skin may need more procedures to achieve the targeted results. Additionally, the procedure may bring discomfort to some patients, causing a ‘snapping’ sensation. That’s why it’s essential that the person who performs the treatment has specialized in laser hair removal to make sure that the treatment is safe, painless and effective.

How to make sure that laser hair removal is safe?

The most important step to make sure that laser hair removal will be performed by a certified specialist is by doing a research. Look for reviews on the internet. If there’s a clinic near you that offers laser hair removal, search the web if there are any reliable reviews about how they perform their treatments, and the results they provide. You may also ask your friends or relatives who tried laser hair removal, and talk with them about their experience. You should also ask questions about the procedure during your consultation. Make sure you understand the treatment before considering one.

Who you can trust

Is laser hair removal safe

You must only trust qualified practitioners of laser hair removal for your treatment. At Havana Skin Clinic, experts who perform laser hair removal have undergone training, and have specialized in this procedure. You must step back from salons that are not qualified to perform laser hair removal treatments, as it may result in skin complications. Havana Skin Clinic offers free consultation for people who are interested in laser hair removal. During the consultation the procedure will be explained thoroughly so each patient becomes fully informed about all the important points about the treatment.


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