Freelance makeup artist Sinead Murphy recently visited our Dundrum clinic to undergo our Infusion Face Lift and microdermabrasion treatment as she has been suffering with dry, dehydrated skin lately.

Caroline started the treated by decreasing the skin followed by applying the Or medic peel solution, followed up with an enzyme mask and then finished up with some serums and an SPF to finish.

To start off, Caroline cleanses the skin with the Vitamin C cleaner to introduce some hydration back in the skin while cleansing away any excess dirt or make up. The Vitamin C cleanser also has a slight exfoliation which removed dead skin cells from the surface. She then followed up with decreasing the skin to remove excess oils from the surface of the skin. This helps the peel solution penetrate your skin that bit further so that nothing is blocking going into your skin.

Caroline then pinline_83_ a microdermabrasion treatment on Sinead’s skin to remove dead skin cells. The vacuum technology in the microdermabrasion helps to promote blood circulation on the dermis on your skin and is really smooth and fresh and rejuvenated.

Throughout this whole treatment, mind exfoliators are present in the form of pineapple, papaya and passion fruit enzymes, they gently exfoliate the skin and promote cell turnover helping to nourish your skin.

The enzyme masque is applied after the microdermabrasion which can feel cold and cooling to begin with but can begin to tingle after a few seconds. This masque injects essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins into the skin to help combat dryness. It also helps to fight free radicals and any damage to your skin.

There is also a lot of Vitamin C, A and E present throughout this treatment. Vitamin A is excellent for targeting your fibroblasts which are the most important cells in your skin as it helps to firm the skin and keep it nice and fresh and also promotes a blood supply to the cells to keep them nice and frim and live longer and healthier.

After removing the masque, Vitamin C anti-ageing serum was applied followed by an SPF.

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