Laser Hair Removal after One TREATMENT

Laser Hair Removal after 1 TREATMENT

Hello there, guys. I am Caroline Hooper, a trained laser specialist. 

If you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal and want to know how effective it can be after only one treatment, I’ll tell you what outcomes to expect and what benefits you’ll receive after just one treatment.

What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal After 1 Treatment?

Have you ever undergone laser hair removal? If you did, what was the outcome after just one treatment? Please let me know in the comments section below.

So, what should you expect from a single laser hair removal treatment? To begin, you should understand that removing hair from an area that has never been treated before will not be accomplished in a single session. Because it’s all based on your hair cycle, you’ll need to undergo a course of treatment.

I’ll just quickly describe how a hair cycle works. There are three stages of hair growth. The active stage of growth, also known as the anagen stage of growth, indicates that the hair is actively developing, implying that it is a touchdown at the base of the hair shaft.

When you use laser treatment, this hair will absorb the energy right down at the root, which is where we need to get to completely remove the hair. On your first treatment, your hair in the second stage of growth will be detached from the base of the hair shaft and on its way to growing out of the skin.

When you do your laser treatments, any hair in the second stage of growth will be harmed since the energy from the laser won’t reach the base of the hair shaft, so it will only damage this hair.

It’ll accomplish two goals. The damage will cause the hair to grow back slower, and it will also damage the hair so that when it does, it will grow back thinner and less apparent on the affected area.

The hair in the third stage of growth will then be pulled away from the skin’s surface, totally detaching and moving away from the hair shaft. As a result, the energy will not be absorbed by this hair.

So nothing will happen to this hair, and it will regrow at the same thickness and rate as before.

What Happens Immediately After The First Session?

What do you expect after your first laser treatments, knowing that the hair cycle works in three distinct ways and that the hair on the area works in three different ways? Remember that if this is your first laser hair removal treatment, you will have 100 percent hair on the area that has developed, and each of these hairs will be at different stages.

So, after your first treatment, you’ll see that the hairs that were in the first stage of growth, which can be up to 30% of the hair, will be in the active stage of growth.

These hairs will take four weeks to stop growing, so the initial treatment is a bit of a waiting game, as it can be exciting to see the results. You’ll most likely be checking for progress on a daily basis.

In certain circumstances, you’ll have to wait four to six weeks for the hair that was in the first stage of growth to stop growing and not return. So, after these hairs that were treated in the first stage of development have completed their shedding process over four to six weeks, you may see gaps in the areas where you are not getting any regrowth. This might be irregular throughout the area, or it can occur in sections where you are completely bald with no hair growing back.

So each person is unique, and it all depends on where you are in your hair cycle at the time of the first treatment. On the first treatment, you’ll notice that the hairs that were in the second stage of growth are growing back much slower, thus your shaving frequency will be reduced.

After just one treatment, you may usually transition from daily shaving to weekly shaving, and the hairs will be in the third stage of development. However, these hairs will regrow at the same rate and thickness. As a result, after your initial treatment, you’ll notice a variety of things.

You might see that no hair has grown back, for example. In another situation, some hair has come back extremely slowly and barely discernible, while others have grown back at the same speed and with the same texture intervals.

What About Laser On Other Parts Of The Body?

If you’re having work done on your lower body, such as your legs or feet, they must be treated after eight weeks. So, when you have your legs or feet done in eight weeks, any hair that was in the second or third stage of growth, and some of them will be in the first stage of growth, will be treated and permanently gone. Hairs in the bikini area cycle every four weeks.

When you return four weeks later for your second treatment, the hairs that were in stages two and three of growth during your first treatment will be in the initial stage of growth, and you’ll be capturing more of them and permanently removing them.

So, if you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal but are hesitant about the results and want to wait to see what happens after the first treatment, in most cases, you’ll see a good result right away, depending on how many of your hairs were in the first active stage of growth, which can range from 5% to 30%.

However, if you were adequately treated with a good laser and a professional who has the complete ability to execute that laser, you will notice a change in the remainder of the hairs since the hairs will be destroyed. That is unavoidably going to happen.

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