Laser on the Lips Is It Safe – Laser Hair Removal Brazilian Bikini

Laser Hair Removal Brazilian Bikini

When we talk about full body hair removal, we need to talk about removing hair in the genitals area or going full Brazilian bikini procedure. This is one of the most delicate parts of our body that we are going to remove hair from and actually, something that you can take advantage of if you’re going to go for laser hair removal. 

So, the question here is that is it safe to do a full laser hair removal on the lips area. Well, yes, it’s a procedure that laser hair removal devices can work on efficiently and it’s one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself. 

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal is the process of removing all or almost all of your pubic hair. As compared to waxing or shaving, it’s a somewhat more permanent hair removal procedure.

The laser utilized, targets your hair follicles as it emits light energy and puts a stop to hair growth. So, if you’ve always dreamt about having smooth skin all over then maybe it’s time for you to take advantage of a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.  

Who’s Suitable to Avail of a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

Well, there’s this notion that Brazilian laser hair removal is only for women. No, that is incorrect, men can also take advantage of it. And, literally, anyone can avail of the treatment but please do take note that the results may not be as efficient when it comes to people with lighter hair colour or those with thinner hair strands. 

The thicker the hair and the darker its colour the more effective the procedure would be. Brazilian laser hair removal is first and foremost hygienic, effective, and at the same time, it creates long-lasting results. 

Advantages of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

So, what are the advantages of undergoing a Brazilian laser hair removal procedure? 

• You say goodbye to shaving and waxing! Ain’t that a major benefit, right? You know how annoying shaving and waxing your pubic area can be and so if you can do away with these habits then the better. Plus, you get all sorts of skin irritations or side effects with shaving and waxing like cuts, bruises, and burns. So, sayonara shaving and waxing should you decide to get on the Brazilian laser hair removal bandwagon.

• Brazilian laser hair removal ensures long lasting results and so you won’t have to worry about anything growing in your pubic area for perhaps a very long while. 

• No side effects whatsoever. As mentioned, you won’t have to deal with any cuts, bruises, or burns in this process, although it’s using some amount of heat, it’s not as aggressive as long as the right device is used (more on that later). Also, no skin irritation or other skin problems too right after treatment. 

• It’s fast and more efficient. As mentioned, it’s perfectly safe to go get your lips area treated as it’s completely safe. Also, the process does not last longer than maybe say an hour and it covers your pubic area rather efficiently. 

• With all these benefits you get some savings on top of it. It might be a bit costly upfront but in the long run, Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are cost-effective. 

Please do take note that the innermost area of your lips right at the saggy part cannot be subject to this treatment. Any legitimate clinics or specialists would tell you that and if someone tells you otherwise then you need to get out of that facility right away as that screams dangers and questions their credibility. That delicate and sensitive area cannot be subject to a Brazilian laser hair removal procedure, we repeat.

And more on this subject, the reason why you can’t get that area treated is that it’s just too delicate that it can’t take the heat and from that, a lot of potential infections or complications can happen and you can only imagine how that can turn out for you. 

Tips When Undergoing Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

• Avoid plucking or waxing your bikini area about 6 weeks before your planned treatment. You may shave the treatment area in whatever style you desire 24 hours before your hair removal. This is also part of the process where you tell your specialist which areas to work on and which part to leave out.

• Don’t worry because before the treatment a cooling method will be implemented to your bikini area so you’ll be nice and cool throughout. It’s not as painful as it sounds depending on the device or expertise of the one working on you. 

• Swelling is completely normal after the procedure, don’t worry about it and just use Aloe Vera gel and you should be all right. Your medical practitioner will give you full instructions for aftercare. 


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