Laser Hair Removal Lip

Many women feel embarrassed with their upper lip hair. Though all of us have facial hair, it’s not visible until hormonal change happens. The hair on the lip may become more course and pigmented, which women do not like. Thus, they remove any fuzz in this area. Some women opt for waxing, some go for hair removing creams. However, because the face has a more sensitive skin, continuous use of such products may irritate the skin. If your concern is to get rid of your upper lip hair, the perfect solution is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is safe, effective, and doesn’t harm the skin. This procedure delivers impressive results that even men consider this treatment. If you want to get rid of your upper lip hair for good, laser hair removal lip is the procedure for you!

What is laser hair removal lip?

laser hair removal lipLaser hair removal is the safest and most efficient way to eliminate fuzz on the lip. Unlike shaving or waxing, this method has permanent results and won’t harm your skin. Laser hair removal uses a particular wavelength of light to create heat, which destroys the stem cells of an active hair follicle. Because the skin on the lip is more sensitive than the other areas, it’s typical that patients feel a pinching sensation during the treatment.

The number of sessions depends on every patient because hair grows differently for each individual. Especially for individuals with PCOS, they may undergo more treatments than the average. This is also the reason why consultation prior to the treatment is necessary. The Havana Skin Clinic offers free consultation for people who are interested in laser hair removal. Reach out to the clinic's contact numbers to learn more about the procedure.

What to expect for laser hair removal lip

It’s important to protect the skin from the sun after the treatment. Because the skin becomes more sensitive after laser hair removal, sun exposure may harm the skin. Thus, it’s highly advised to used sunblock against UVB/UVA especially within 2 weeks of treatment. To optimize the efficiency of laser hair removal, the treatment must be done every four weeks. This is to make sure that the hair will be treated during its active stage of growth. during this time, the hair attached on the base of the hair shaft, where the laser can kill the hair to make it dormant. The course of treatment can be considered final when 90 percent of hair reduction has been achieved. If the hair continues to grow after 3-4 months, the patient may go back to the clinic to continue the treatment. Though rare, hair regrowth can happen especially if the patient experiences hormonal change, which can happen after pregnancy, menopause, or if the patient has PCOS. Laser hair removal can cause permanent elimination of hair on the lip area, which may grow back for a maximum of 3 years.

Why you need it

laser hair removal lip

Laser hair removal doesn’t only eliminate unwanted facial hairs, it also delivers a smoother, and healthier skin. The Havana Skin Clinic uses laser hair removal devices with cutting-edge technologies. Thus, their procedures are faster, easier and more efficient compared to other clinics with outdated devices. They offer the latest treatments with smart systems that deliver comfortable and effective procedures. If you want a hair-free, smoother facial skin, reach out to Havana Skin Clinic now.


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