Micro Needling Depth Chart

In this blog we’re exploring all things, Micro Needling Depth Chart. You might think that micro needling is all the same but it can differ dramatically depending on the client and their needs. In Havana Skin Clinic, we use a pen that varies in depth from 0.5mm to 2.5mm so we can always control how deep we’re needling. Don’t just take micro needling to be micro needling. Some clinics will only offer a roller with a depth of 1.5mm making treatment with them a lot different to treatment with us. It is extremely rare that we would go as deep as 2.5mm. This needle depth would mainly be used for deep stretch marks and scarring on the body.

Knowledge is Power

Do your research. Look into what treatment best suites your skin concerns before paying for any treatment or worst undergoing it. Micro needling is amazing but you need this treatment to be carried out correctly by a professional. Also, ensure that who ever is doing your treatment is opening a fresh packet or needles or roller if they are using  a roller.

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If you want to trial at home micro needing before taking the plunge with in clinic treatment, you might be interested in the Dermaroller

Benefits of Micro Needing the skin are as follows:

Over Rejuvenation. – Skins over health is improved. 

Reduction in scarring. 

Reduction in wrinkles. 

Skin appears a lot more plump. 

Skin is firmer. 

Before undergoing micro needling, you must firstly ensure that your skin type is suitable as although most skin types are, there are some exceptions. This will be determined at your consultation but if you’re carrying out at home micro needling. it’s important to you do your research. 

You cannot have micro needling if you suffer with any of the following. (The list is not limited to the below so if you have a skin condition or some kind of concern, please research it. If you’re having a skin consultation with a specialist, they will be able to tell you or research it. If you’re carrying out at home micro needling, it’s so important that you are 100% sure you can. 


Active acne. 

Frequent cold sores. (Your cold sore must be completely gone 2 weeks before micro needling.)


Any active skin condition. 


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