So we launched our new SculpSure Machine and we couldn’t be more excited.

This piece of technology is so incredible in many ways and lucky for us, we had Hannah Faulkna, a clinical trainer from Sculpsure with us fro the launch day. She went through what this machine exactly does and how it does it.


This smart piece of technology permanently removes fat cells of up to 24% in the targeted area.

It’s also FDA cleared for abdomen and plank so tummy, love handles but can also treat over the body iswell.


This treatment is both safe and well very effective. The lasers target fat cells at 10:60 nano metres wave length of light and heats fat cells between 42 and 47 degrees and that temperature causes permanent destruction of the fat cells.

You see the optimal results between 6 an 12 weeks after the treatment and it can treat any forms of fat, stubborn fat, or new fat, just as long as it’s soft and can be pinched.

Laser Hair Removal for Women




The treatment takes 25 minutes and works by placing 4 pads on the area. Clients experience waves of hot and cool temperatures during this treatment as while the laser is hot, there’s also a cooling system that cools down the area while the laser works.

The treatment isn’t painful but is slightly uncomfortable. The area will feel tender the next day, the same sensation you will the day after exercise.

Hannah’s advice was to remain active the next day, drink lots of water and massage the area.

She also went onto to say that the treatment was a miracle treatment, you cannot eat take aways for breakfast lunch and dinner! This treatment is perfect for soemone who is currently on a relatively healthy diet.

You can watch Jules Coll’s Interview with Hannah here:


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