The Ultimate Permanent Hair Removal Solutions


Contrary to popular belief, no hair removal procedure will permanently remove hair. Permanent hair removal, whether on the face or the body, is not possible. There is no single procedure that can permanently remove all excess hair. Hormones regulate most of the hair growth, so if the balance of hormones shifts, it may stimulate hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth. There are, however, a range of choices for removing hair for weeks, months, or longer periods. Legs, arms, groin, face, neck, underarms, and other parts of the body where people want their hair fully gone include the legs, arms, groin, face, neck, and underarms. At Havana Skin Clinic, we use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to provide you with long-term hair removal solutions. These methods aren’t permanent, but they do make it easier when you need to schedule your sessions across longer intervals. For professional hair removal, contact our consultants or visit one of our Dublin clinics at your convenience.

Permanent Hair Removal

Some of the Best Long-Term Solutions

  • Electrolysis: Shortwave radio frequencies are delivered by fine needles directly through your hair follicles during electrolysis. The aim is to kill the hair follicle so that new hair growth is not stimulated. A dermatologist or a licensed electrologist must perform this procedure. Electrolysis can be used on any part of the body and is suitable for all skin types. Electrolysis is effective on all hair types, including light-colored hair. Due to the growth cycle of hair, achieving the desired results usually necessitates several sessions of electrolysis. The number of sessions required varies depending on the body part, the person’s sensitivity, and the amount of hair present. An individual would not need any additional appointments as long the technician has removed all of the hair from the designated location. It works particularly well on individual grey hairs. It’s important to remember, however, that not everybody gets these long-term effects from electrolysis. You won’t know how it would function in a particular region of your body until you give it a try. Even so, if you want to never see hair in your target area again, this may be your best choice.
  • Laser: Another longer-term hair removal option is laser hair removal. This therapy, including electrolysis, focuses on the hair follicle. It works by using high-heat lasers to damage the follicle and prevent new hair from developing. Apart from the eye area, it can be done anywhere on the body. People with light skin tones and dark hair are the ideal candidates for the treatment. Laser hair removal, like electrolysis, involves several sessions to achieve the best results. Depending on the area of hair removal, four to six treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart may be needed. Laser hair removal usually lasts several months, but it can continue for years in some cases. Hair that regrows is usually finer and lighter in color. Hair that has stopped growing cannot grow back for months or even years. The continuity of your appointments determines the outcome. If you quit after two or three sessions, the effects will only last a few weeks.
  • Intense Pulsed Light: IPL provides an intense, clear, broad-spectrum pulse of light using a high-powered operated handpiece. It influences the active growth cycle of hair, which is the anagen process. As a result, a series of treatments is needed to permanently reduce hair growth. Anagen hair is found in varying percentages in the body. As a result, the duration between procedures is shorter, with underarms and bikini treatments taking four to six weeks and other areas taking eight to twelve weeks. If you have light skin and dark hair, you’re a strong choice for IPL.

Permanent Hair Removal


  • Prescription Creams: For those who want to escape the higher costs of laser hair removal or electrolysis, this might be a safer choice. When used regularly, eflornithine can inhibit hair growth and is considered safe for the removal of excess facial hair. The effects will last up to eight weeks before you need to repeat the procedure. Before you choose this choice, talk with one of our experts since the appropriateness for these treatments differs from person to person.


As mentioned beforehand, there is currently no treatment for permanent hair removal and anybody who promotes otherwise is just being dishonest. We offer all these longer-term solutions to our clients instead and most of them have experienced significant relief from hair re-growth. Some of our clients have also attained a permanent solution through these methods completely, but we don’t guarantee that. Come visit our professionals and try a session to see for yourself how the treatment suits you and if you can, in fact, achieve an enduring result.

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