DermaPlump ® At Home Microneedling


The DermaPlump at home microneedling roller is a safe home treatment that is effective and painless. At most, you may feel a prickly sensation. Side effects have never been reported.

Naturally boosts collagen production

Promotes Elasticiyt

Plumps the skin while reducing fine lines & wrinkles.

Can be used as a lip plumper.

Smoothens the skin for better make up application

Can be used 2-3 times a week for up to one year.

Roller contains 540 needles which are 0.5mm in size.

Warning: To avoid damage, never use alcohol-based cleaners on the rollrs.

Indications: Use the DermaPlump at Home Micro Needling to help exfoliate your skin and help with pre and post Medical  CIT procedures.

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