Image Skincare Ageless Travel Kit


This Image Skincare Ageless Travel Kit, Is The Perfect Combination Of Cosmeceutical Products For Your Skin. This Kit Contains Five Amazing Products, To Restore, Revitalise And Rejuvenate Your Skin.
  •  The cleanser will hydrate your skin and will work to improve its tone and all impurities will be effectively eradicated
  •  This serum has anti ageing properties and your skin will get a deep hydration. If your skin is tired or fatigued it will get a healthy boost, and the serum also works to deal with normal environmental factors and dehydration.
  •  Removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin becomes easy using the mask in this travel kit. This means a new radiance will be promoted in your skin, so it looks and feels absolutely amazing.
  •  Lastly we have the repair cream. This cream give your skin maximum moisture, it’s rich formula Will ensure that any damage to the skin is repaired and will work to erase the normal effects that the environment and ageing has on your skin.
  •  The moisturizer in this case will infuse your skin with the moisture it needs to look soft and beautiful. You will see your skin becoming supler and smoother with consistent use of this product.
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